Dec 17, 2011

You Had Better Watch Out....

Hello...My goodness...Christmas is just days away. Santa and the fellows are getting organized for the big night. We received a postcard from the North Pole...that was very thoughtful as they have places to go and people to see...

The Parcels are being stacked to insure proper delivery. They are truly making their lists and checking them twice. Everyone is bustling about.

Santa is making sure that all of the elves are busy at work. Sometimes they like to stop, put their little feet up and have a piece of cherry pie...this way they have the energy to carry on....Santa encourages this as he wants everyone to be happy. All you need is one grumpy elf and it spoils it for the others.

 Mrs. Santa is busy making chocolate Santas for the Moms and Dads. She is very considerate that way.

 The tannenbaums are ready to make the holiday magical.  They are sparkling and twinkling just as they should

 So...enjoy these busy days and be rest assured that all of the gang at the North Pole are right on schedule.

Have silly "visions of sugarplums dancing in your head" fun,    Jody


  1. I so enjoy your postings, Jody! Glad to know that things are running smoothly in Fun Town!
    Merry Merry & Jingle all the Way!

  2. I think you're have some great fun with all your goodies. May Santa be extra good to you this year, and rest assured my "Lil Jimbo" is going to be front and center for all the family festivities this year!

    Big "Lil Jimbo" Hugs,

  3. Christams looks like so much fun at your house Jody!!!
    Wrapped up under my tree I have a very gorgeous duo,'Sugar and Spice' from Earth Angel Toys :0) can't wait!!!
    Vicky xx

  4. Ho Ho Ho Miss Jody!
    Things are looking very festive in Fun Town.
    Have yourself a MERRY little Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas!!! Have a warm and bright New Year too!!!!


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