Aug 10, 2013

Having Silly FunTown Fun...

Hello...I am having fun in FunTown today. I started to take some sample snapshots to prepare for my book "Welcome to FunTown"...I am near the end. The characters are made and only a few more background sets. This is "Dandy Ducky Long-Legs" a kindly gentleman that has a lovely singing voice. He always entertains us at parties...whether we ask him or not.

Performing on the bandstand is our local favorite band..."Darnell Tootin' & The Rootin-Tootin Rhythm Boys"...when they get their groove on it is impossible to sit still. Luckily, we are such superb dancers.

Time for a freezy treat at "Miss Cherry-on-Top's"...Let me introduce you to 'Miss Cherry-on-Top" "Hoppy-Go-Lucky" and "Ginny McFinny"...Yum...

I hesitate to divulge too much information as mystery is a good thing...but between you and I "Ginny McFinny" wins the Grand Prize for the "Goody Goody Gumdrop's" annual candy selling contest. So Hoppy makes a visit to the McFinny's. Hooray for Ginny.

Wish me luck....this is a lot of work...Oh, I hate to call it work as I am having so much silly fun.

Have silly "Cha-Cha-Cha" fun,   Jody

Aug 2, 2013


Konnichiwa...I have returned from my happy adventure in Japan. Once again, I was fortunate enough to be invited to Tokyo by my generous hosts...The Canal Company, owners of the Dear Bear Stores. I do believe that this was my eighth trip. Above are a few of the new additions to my Kokeshi collection. These happy girls are awfully relaxed considering that they are standing next to a Ninja Warrior.

While there I give classes...these two pin cushions are what me made this year. All of my talented students did a fantastic job...I was very proud.

This is "Little Miss Punkie"...she is a limited edition of ten that I made for the event. Each Punkie is a one-of-a-kind. She is stepping out of her own book "Welcome to Punkie-Town."

This is "Cheeky, Jr."...he also is a limited edition of ten..all different. I had fun making these.

This is my display at the Isetan Department Store in Shinjuku.

My good friend Nami took "Chicky-Boom" home with her. It was hot in Tokyo so Chicky likes to swim.

"Freddy and Fido"...

I will post more photos in a few days. I have pockets full of warm happy memories. Over the years I have made many very special friends in Japan. I am a very lucky girl.

Have silly "I love Japan" fun,     Jody-San
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