Mar 29, 2013

Oh My Goodness...My Fingers are Sore...

Hello...The countdown has begun...Two weeks until I join my friends Pat MurphyPaul GordonAllen Cunningham and Arbutus Hunter. It is our third annual trunk show in Orange County, California. This year we are at a new location...we are moving to the Ayres Hotel in Costa Mesa...325 Bristol Street. So my fingers are working overtime as I am having such fun in my studio. Meet my little friends..."Binky and Winky Bow-Wow." They are ready to bask in the sunshine and maybe take in a little surfing...

Here are "Mr. and Mrs. Jitterbug"...They are "itching" to board the plane...they keep "bugging" me about when we will be leaving. Luckily, they are so cute, otherwise it would grate on my nerves.

This is "Miss Ella-Menopee"...She is hoping there will be a Spelling Bee in she has been practicing her "A.B.C's" for weeks now.

"Little Derby-Doo" is bringing his own transportation. Someone told him about the tasty "In-and-Out" burgers...Hence the "Yippee!"

This is "Goosey"...I have been having fun with pin cushions. She has aspirations of becoming a "Pin-Up" girl...after all Hollwood is only a hop, skip and a jump away. She has been flirting with 'Derby-Doo' hoping to catch  spin into Tinsel Town.

My good little pal "Miss Annie" will be bringing lots of Pat and I do enjoy a hot "cuppa" together.

"Captain Peanuts" has generously offered us his charter flying machine...He is so kind.

So...please join us...and bring a fun friend or two as there will be lots of great art and we all love to make new buddies.

Have silly "Let's put on our dancing shoes and have an adventure" fun,   Malibu Jody

Mar 18, 2013

Happy Mother of the Groom

Hello...I am at a loss for words...a very uncommon sentence for me to write. I am nestled in my comfy chair with my dog Pip at my side...totally exhausted from the past week. My family and I had a magical week in Florida at Jeff's Wedding...Jeff is my younger son...I might add...My Smiling Son. I am smiling also as I am now the proud Mother of my new daughter, Juliana.

This is "Bye-Bye-Bridie" a little chick winging her way into her future...Made with lots of love and enthusiasm.

So many of the Happy Couple's family and friends travelled many miles to support them and share their love and affection.

Yes... everyone got in the party spirit. I have never seen such a smiling  group of party revelers, story-tellers and snappy dancers. Yes, we had several "Some Enchanting Evenings."

I made many new friends...It is such a comfort for a Mother to be assured that her son and new daughter will be surrounded by this lovely supportive family and charming friends.

So...Hip-Hip Hooray for this shiny new happy family! Their pockets are full of warm memories...So are mine.

Have silly "I Could Have Danced All Night" fun,   Jody, your happy friend

Mar 9, 2013

Here Comes the Bride...

Hello...I am so excited today...My youngest son Jeff is getting married next week. The good news is that I love his bride-to-be...She makes him smile the biggest smile ever. I have never seen him so happy.

This blushing bride is a bit coquettish...she knows how cute she is...and this patient groom is looking forward to the honeymoon. Patience is a virtue.

She is a little chatterbox...note how he is covering his ears...that's okay because she is a good cook and her cherry pies are to die for...

Uh-Oh...she has no shoes...and he has no trousers...Let's hope that he doesn't step on her toes while doing the cha-cha-cha...

Wow...look at this risqué bride...what was she thinking?...a sheer gown and no underwear...Oh my goodness...Her new Mother-in-Law must be mortified...Not a good beginning.

Well, off I go as there are many deeds to attend to.

Have silly "Yea, I am going to have a daughter now" fun,   Jody
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