Apr 23, 2012

A Lucky Day in FunTown...

Hello...There is much rejoicing in FunTown today. The Spring/Summer issue of Prims Magazine has been delivered to us. As the word spread...some of the townsfolk started to gather. They are so proud of themselves, as the magazine is beautiful and they are so honored to be included.

A hush fell over Silly Street as everyone was reading about themselves. We could hear some "Oohs and Ahhs" and giggles. The sound of pure joy.

Oh my...there is conversation about a possible boost in tourism.

They have decided that maybe a parade is in order. Followed by a picnic in the town square.

"Tim" the Hot Dog Boy heard of the crowd that had gathered...so he wheeled up his hot dog cart and treated everyone to a free hot dog and a beverage. Boy...this really is a special day in FunTown.

I am also very happy and proud. I want to thank my good friend Jen O'Connor...She was kind enough to send Prims some photos of my work. I truly appreciate her generosity and support of me and the other Earth Angels. "Merci Beaucoup" to you Jen.

You can purchase the Prims Magazine from Earth Angels or at book stores.

Have silly "Lucky Day" fun,   Jody

Apr 20, 2012

Lydia...My Loyal Friend...

Hello...Today I thought that I would introduce you to my dear friend Lydia. She is such a gentle and kind soul. She is a good little secret-keeper...a valuable trait for a friend. Her smile will raise your spirits on the darkest of days. Her little kitten "Midgee" is her constant companion.

This is Lydia on her way to a Happy Birthday party for her dear friend Gloria. She has chosen her fanciest party dress because Minnie will be attending and Minnie thinks that she is the prettiest one in Sugar Plum Corners...But, alas...Lydia believes that she is the prettiest one. So...Lydia has bought a new hat that is sure to make Minnie jealous.

Lydia has chosen her most sophisticated outfit for the Sugar Plum Corners Junior League meeting. She is hopeful that she will be appointed the Cookie Booth Chairperson for the upcoming Founder's Day Fair. It can be a backbiting bunch so she is always on her best behavior at these meetings. Just one miss-step and she could end up on the clean up committee. An update....she was appointed Cookie Chairman and it was a huge triumph for her...as she set record breaking sales numbers. It seems that the her famous Snickerdoodles were the crowd favorite.

Here is Lydia "on point"...Many of her friends in Sugar Plum Corners didn't know that she was once a famous Prima Ballerina. She is quite humble, so not many know of her celebrity past.

Lydia is a drum majorette also. She proudly marches in front of the Sugar Plum Corners Brass Band in every parade. She can really strut her stuff, but sadly, she rarely catches her twirling baton. Oh dear, this can sometimes be a hazard for the onlookers.

All of my silly old goofy bears live in Sugar Plum Corners...a lovely little retirement village for retired teddy bears. Thank you for visiting with Lydia and me today. In the future I will introduce you to some of the others.

Have silly "beware of flying batons" fun,   Jody

Apr 10, 2012

We Had a "Just Ducky" Parade....

Hello...Well, with Easter behind us...I thought I would give you a quick glimpse of our "Just Ducky" Parade. The day was sunny and mild, the tulips were plentiful and the the marching bands were uptempo.

Little Miss Winky was our Parade Princess...an honor indeed...as she got to ride in the first convertible.

Followed by some of our town dignitaries.

Tommy Rah-Rah was chosen to represent FunTown State College of Higher Learning. His driver doesn't seem too pleased...it turns out that he was very bitter because he applied...yet was denied admission.

Mrs. Birdy-Blossom was voted the 'Mother of the Year" so she was honored by the Town Council. Sadly, there was an oversight and they forgot to arrange a convertible for her and Junior. She didn't mind as she said she needed the exercise.

Many of the local citizens joined the celebration. All are welcome.

Here are some of the members of the parade committee. They deserve the attention as this is a lot of work that takes up much of their spare time. Volunteers are very valuable and we know it.

Here are the officers of the "Loyal Order of the FunnyFellows"...V.I.P.'s for sure.

Of Course...all good things have to come to an end...this is Mr. Tidy...the street sweeper.

I do hope that you love parades like we do here in FunTown.

Have silly "Waving to the passers-by" fun,   Jody

Apr 2, 2012

You are all invited to the Bunny Hop...

Hello...Are you craving jellybeans, Peeps and chocolate eggs? We in FunTown definitely are. We are also excited because "The Annual FunTown Bunny Hop" is this Saturday night. A gala event, indeed.

Every year the refreshment committee sets out the tastiest of tasty party treats. Our favorites are the malted milk ball kebobs,  jellybean Jell-O salads,  a rainbow assortment of deviled eggs, Peeps finger sandwiches,  carrot cake, marshmallow pudding and best of all there is a giant bowl full of jellybeans at every table.

These two are scouting clever hiding places for the Easter Egg Hunt. This way it is more challenging.

There will be egg-decorating contests. The competition can be fierce. The Grand Prize is a Giant Chocolate Bunny...so you can only imagine how tense it becomes. In fact, you could cut the tension with a knife. We pretend to be happy for the lucky Grand Prize Winner.

Of course...there is a Parade. Yes, the ladies will all wear Fancy Easter Bonnets...and yes, there will be lots of frills upon them. After all...this is FunTown.

Trudy and Judy Doodly-Doo are rehearsing their song and dance routine for the Bunny Hop. I have heard that this year they will be performing "Here Comes Peter Cotton-Tail"...yet again.

There is much to do as we prepare for the holiday weekend. So I will leave with some happy Spring-Time wishes...May your tulips be perky, your jellybeans be red, your Easter baskets be plentiful, your chocolate bunnies be solid chocolate and your Easter Eggs be hard-boiled.

Have silly "chocolate covered Peeps" fun,   Jody

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