Sep 28, 2011

Shake, Rattle and Roll...

Hello...With Autumn at our doorstep...allow me to introduce you to a charming couple who reside here in Funtown. Meet Hambone and Boney Maroney...they compete in Ballroom Dancing Contests and they have many trophies. He prefers the Tango as he has a dramatic flair...Miss Boney likes the Fox Trot as she is developing creaky joints.

They pack their dancing shoes and travel up and down the East Coast. We are so proud of our famous couple. No, they are not married...not yet, anyway...but, there are rumors.

During the evening hours, Boney Maroney relaxes by knitting and watching old black and white movies...the Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers' films are her favorite. She secretly believes that she is much more graceful than "that Ginger Rodgers!" She is knitting yet another scarf for Hambone as he has poor circulation and is always chilly. He has confided in me that he longs for a colorful argyle scarf...but alas...Boney Maroney is color blind and has trouble following directions.

Here is Hambone practicing bobbing for apples for our Harvest Moon Fall Festival. He has been the Apple-Bobbing Champion for three years running. He is very competitive and enjoys posing for the snapshooter during the trophy presentation ceremony. Fortunately he doesn't boast too a dose of humility is a good thing here in FunTown.

We can hear the music daily as we stroll by Boney Maroney's home...we smile knowing that the duo is inside twirling, kicking and dipping. This is why they are Champions.
This is their 8x10 glossy that they had made for the contests...but Boney is hoping that it will be their engagement photo for the newspaper. She dreams of this moment while knitting.

Have "shake-rattle-and-roll" fun today,   Jody,

Sep 21, 2011

Snapshots from The Creative Connection

Hello...I am back in FunTown after my sparky trip to St. Paul to attend The Creative Connection . My hat is off to Jo Packham and the marvelous staff from Stampington & Company for putting together an amazing event that was enjoyed by least every smiling person that I spoke with. I started off at the Artist Market...aisles of talented businesses with colorful  and artful displays. This snapshot is of this little fellow that enchanted me...but alas...I did not have the funds and I am afraid that he will haunt me in the future. At least I  have the image and I can share him with all of you. Isn't he charming?

Let me introduce you to Jo Packham, the attractive executive with the fun spectacles...the Master-Mind behind the "Where Women Create" and "Where Women Cook" magazine fame. If this was an orchestra...she would be the "Maestro". She had an adoring public that patiently waited in line to get her autograph in her new beautiful book "Celebrate Where Women Cook". It is yet another best seller. Hip-Hip Hooray for Jo...

Look at these pretty, successful and youthful executives...Christen Olivarez, the Editor-in-Chief & Director of Publishing and Elizabeth Komatsu, Advertising Account Executive...both of Stampington & Company. I was so impressed by their sparky personalities and friendliness to me and all of the participants.

This is a peek into Tinsel Trading's bountiful booth. I love Tinsel Trading...a must-see if you are in New York City. It was a treat to be able to see a small sampling of their intriguing wares. Especially since they accepted credit cards. Hooray for them, also...

Oh...this display piece stopped me in my tracks...of course it wasn't for sale...but wouldn't we all want this? As I was drooling over it, the kind owner plugged it in...imagine that... it was electrified. So, we can all stand back and admire it at least. It pleases me to know that this exists.

Tim picked me up at the airport and we stopped at the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood in Atlanta for dinner...yes, I know...that was nice of him. Back to the we strolled to the restaurant we passed by this impressive window display at a children's store. I popped in to inquire if it was for sale...sadly, this also was beyond my reach...but I ran back to our car to retrieve my camera and now we can all enjoy this sparky picture. So I hope that you enjoy this also.

Upon my return Pip-Squeak, my faithful companion was over the moon to have me home I give him many tasty dog treats. Here he is this afternoon watching my every he doesn't want to see my suitcase ever again. Sorry Pip, the Atlanta Country Living Show is coming up next month. So, I should get back to my sewing room once again. It was a great adventure in St.Paul and I had an inspiring experience...but it is nice to be home also.

Have "Wish you were there" fun,   Jody, the weary traveller...I forgot to mention that on my departure I  had a five hour mechanical delay...oh my!

P.S. I showed you all of the things I gawked at...but...look at what I did bring home. Not the soldiers, but my lucky duck. Next time I might hop in his little cart and forget the airplane. I wonder if he serves peanuts?

Sep 5, 2011

Silly Stitches...and a Fashion Update

Hello...I have been a tad under the weather this past week. I am sharing this, as I feel the need to confess that I have been playing with my FunTown book backdrops...houses, shops and other necessities of FunTown life... instead of sewing...which I should be doing. I get easily distracted...similar to a sparky four-year-old. But alas, the time has come to resume my life. Making silly toys. Before I do...would you like to peek at my distraction?

Let's get back to the theme of this post...

 It is difficult to see all of the treasures in this snapshot. Trust is delightful. While in Tokyo, there was this little shop within the department store, Seibu, where I conducted my classes. Strangely enough, it was a Parisian store. LaDroguerie. It was like a day at the circus for me. Fabric, buttons, ribbons, trims and fanciful beads. I had myself quite a time there. It wasn't until I was safely tucked away in my hotel room...when I looked at my receipt. According to my calculations...It appeared as though I had spent $17,000...I am exaggerating, of course, but let's just say that the Yen was stronger than the dollar that week.. Oh well... I will make some very special toys with all of my Frenchy Finds.

Now, if that wasn't bad enough...I went to a charming quilt fabric store in Naperville, Illinois while visiting my Mother. the store is  A Pieceful Heart. As you can once again see...I enjoyed myself. Thank goodness I don't take drugs as I would be in the gutter by now. The point of my lurid tale is...I am eager to jump back into my sewing room and play with my new "stuff."

It is time to change the subject for a fashion update...Today is Labor Day. Many of you think...a beach day, hot dogs, back-to-school supplies and no mail delivery. Do not fail to remember this important task. It is a time to place those white shoes in the back of the closet. Don't despair as I am sure that you have other footwear.
There are a few exceptions to the rule...Health Care Providers, Restaurant Servers and Roller Derby Contestants. Oh, I almost forgot about the tennis players...anyway...follow the rules and the world will be a better place, fashion-wise that is.

Have silly two-steppin' fun,   Jody, the girl that has a Visa Bill with a French accent

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