Aug 23, 2012

Buzzing About...

Hello...As you can surmise...we have been very busy buzzing about here in FunTown. We are sending off some of our little Honeys on a "Trans-Fun Airways" airliner to Warwick, New York to join the Earth Angels. So as we pack our suitcases and prepare for our adventure...I thought I would send you some farewell snapshots of the lucky ones. Above are the "Little Bees"...happy and bumbling they are made especially for Jen O'Connor...all four of them.

Jen and I share something in common...our first doll was Raggedy Ann. Mine was such a dear and loyal friend. So we agreed to pay tribute to our friendly little companions. Here is "Little Annie" and her brother "Little Andy." These are limited editions also...eight Annies and six Andys. We are all we hate to say "good-bye."

May I introduce you to "Little Susie Homemaker"...she is a one-of-a-kind. Her pinafore has "Let's Play House" embroidered on it. She is bringing her own house to play with...which is a good thing as she shares well with others.  My favorite pastime was playing house when I was shorter.

Here is "Buzzy"...he is boarding the jet also...once he heard that those happy little honeys were leaving town....he asked to follow them. So, he is taking flight also.

They all hope that you will visit them at their page at Earth Angels. Jen has many exciting adventures coming check your calendars and join the crowd.

Have silly "Leaving on a Jet Plane" fun,   Jody

Aug 16, 2012

Snapshots From Tokyo...

Hello...Today I will attempt to share with you my magical Japanese adventure.

I was honored to brush shoulders with both Louis Vuitton and Hello Kitty...these next snapshots are taken at Isetan in Shinjuku...the department store where I had my signing and demonstration.

This pretty young lady was showing me her artwork that was made from a is a cute little duck.

There was a parade out in front of Isetan...

My hosts took me to a famous Korean Barbecue Restaurant...It was so good...this has become a tradition for my visits to Tokyo. The food is grilled right at your table by my hosts.

After much laughter, wonderful food, cold beer and Sake...I was presented with a gift from the staff at Canal Company.

This is a handcrafted button box make from one piece of wood made by Studio Ku-Ku in Japan. It is truly a piece of is filled with silk covered buttons and silk ribbons. Last year they gave me a beautiful sewing basket with several pin cushions is a perfect companion. Needless to say....I was so overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity.

The morning of my departure, my good friend Takehito Morii gave me a scenic tour of Tokyo on the drive to the airport. We stopped at the Sensouji Temple.

At the Temple site there was a bustling outdoor market...full of colorful items.

I was enchanted by this painting of the Seven Lucky Gods...sailing from heaven to Japan to grant the people with good health, prosperity, good fortune, happiness, knowledge, longevity and brave warriors.

Thank you Takehito for this magical day.

This snapshot was taken in front of the restaurant....Yes, we were all quite happy.

My good friends escorted me back to my hotel...from the left...Katsumi Mori, Mr. Matsubara, Ami Kawai, Katsura Yamada and Takehito Morii. These were the people that gave me such beautiful memories. It is difficult to convey my heartfelt feelings for their kindness and generosity.


Have silly "Making Your Own Memories" fun today,   Jody-San

Aug 5, 2012

Ko Nichiwa...

Hello...I have arrived safely back in FunTown. It has taken me several days to get back to normal...whatever normal is. I had a magical time in Tokyo...I was treated like a Princess...that is a "normal" I would like to have. I have so many snapshots....But I will attempt to stop short of boring you to death.

The first day we had two classes at the department store Seibu in Ikebukuro. The first session we made little "Boo-Bear"...They were all good fact, I was honored to have two famous bear artists attend.

Here are the results...They look like back-up singers ready to sing and dance. I was very proud that they all turned out so great..."Kawaii"...that means sweet or very cute.

This is the afternoon class...We made "Bun-Bun"...They were a talented group also.

Speaking of happy dancers...Bravo.

Here are my friends that work at "Bear Labo", the store where this took place inside of Seibu. They all made needle felted sushi in a wonderful presentation box. Look closely and you will see their artwork. This was their gift to me. I was overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity.

The next day I did a demonstration and signing at "Isetan" in Shinjuku...When I arrived at "Bear! Bear! Bear! the store within Isetan that my hosts own...I was so pleased to see this sign hanging on the wall. This is "Little Punkie" a special limited edition I made for them.

This is "Tommy Rex" on the other wall. They certainly know how to charm me.

Here is part of my display table.

And the other side.

 This is Mr. Matsubara...The collectors each had a letter and we drew them out one at at a time so they could choose what they wanted, in order. Boy, this was an ego-booster.

These are some of my friends...

I do think it is time to bid you "Sayonara"...I will share the rest of my adventurous snapshots next time. This was on the bottom of my "Sushi Toy" gift box. Lucky Me!

Have silly "I Love Japan" fun,   Jody-San, your smiling friend
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