Aug 16, 2012

Snapshots From Tokyo...

Hello...Today I will attempt to share with you my magical Japanese adventure.

I was honored to brush shoulders with both Louis Vuitton and Hello Kitty...these next snapshots are taken at Isetan in Shinjuku...the department store where I had my signing and demonstration.

This pretty young lady was showing me her artwork that was made from a is a cute little duck.

There was a parade out in front of Isetan...

My hosts took me to a famous Korean Barbecue Restaurant...It was so good...this has become a tradition for my visits to Tokyo. The food is grilled right at your table by my hosts.

After much laughter, wonderful food, cold beer and Sake...I was presented with a gift from the staff at Canal Company.

This is a handcrafted button box make from one piece of wood made by Studio Ku-Ku in Japan. It is truly a piece of is filled with silk covered buttons and silk ribbons. Last year they gave me a beautiful sewing basket with several pin cushions is a perfect companion. Needless to say....I was so overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity.

The morning of my departure, my good friend Takehito Morii gave me a scenic tour of Tokyo on the drive to the airport. We stopped at the Sensouji Temple.

At the Temple site there was a bustling outdoor market...full of colorful items.

I was enchanted by this painting of the Seven Lucky Gods...sailing from heaven to Japan to grant the people with good health, prosperity, good fortune, happiness, knowledge, longevity and brave warriors.

Thank you Takehito for this magical day.

This snapshot was taken in front of the restaurant....Yes, we were all quite happy.

My good friends escorted me back to my hotel...from the left...Katsumi Mori, Mr. Matsubara, Ami Kawai, Katsura Yamada and Takehito Morii. These were the people that gave me such beautiful memories. It is difficult to convey my heartfelt feelings for their kindness and generosity.


Have silly "Making Your Own Memories" fun today,   Jody-San


  1. How fun, it looks like you had a fabulous time pretty lady. So many wondrous memories you'll have for the rest of your life!


    1. Meri...I came home with happy memories and I will keep them in my pocket at all times...Thank you....

  2. Mi sueño es ir a Japón y vivir creando mis personajes.
    Jody-san¡¡¡Qué suerte tan grande tienes!!!


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