Jan 27, 2013


Hello...I would like to introduce you to "Little Alice"...an edition of 8 that I have made exclusively for Jen O'Connor at Earth Angels...

She is bringing along her Cheshire Cat and his lasting mischievous grin...I wondered how I could distinguish my "Alice" from all of the multitudes of other versions. I guess his smile was lasting because it haunted me and I felt like he was a perfect companion for my young "Alice."

So...I will motor to the FunTown Post Office tomorrow so they can begin their journey to Warwick, NY....I will have to dress them warmly as it is still January and most of us have our mittens in our pockets. I am awaiting Springtime...those mittens in my pockets make my hips look big...or maybe I should say "bigger."

Have silly "Curiouser and Curiouser" fun,   Jody

Jan 13, 2013

On the Move...

Hello...For those of you who are familiar with me and my work, you are aware of my love for "Wheels"...they represent forward movement, adventures and new new surroundings. So throw off your cement shoes and join us along the FunTown Highway...It will be fun as there are several ice cream shops along the way.

This little fellow is all dressed up and ready to go...he is only one inch tall...but his dreams are big...

This fuzzy trio are enjoying the sights along their journey...they heard about the ice cream shops, so they are keeping their eyes peeled...as it is hard to pass by a Freezy Treat Shop.

All wheels take you to faraway places...he had better beware as he is traveling without a seat belt...maybe he doesn't realize that he is made of porcelain bisque.

They are following the faint echoes of music that they hear in the distance...Dancers are always looking for the next Cha-Cha-Cha!

This silly group of tourists are visiting the sites in FunTown...I hope that they have a swell time.

Sometimes you don't need a road map...it is exciting to discover new worlds...

She appears to be traveling south in search of the sunshine...

Maybe you should get in your vehicle and go have some silly fun...standing still can get boring.

Have silly "Happy Trails" fun,   Jody, your friend with a shiny blue and white Mini-Cooper

Jan 5, 2013

Hello...Well, the sun is happy here in FunTown...as I am getting back to the pages of my book..."Welcome to FunTown." I keep getting sidetracked with other responsibilities and projects. I have been prattling on about this for many years...but 2013 is going to be Book Year for all of us here in town.

In life it is wise to follow the road signs along your journey...this will take you on the scenic route to your destiny. Also...it is very beneficial to have singing birds to accompany you.

I am going to walk through this cheerful door and have a French Vanilla Cupcake with red jimmies on top and a frosty glass of pink lemonade with three cherries. This tasty combination is FunTown's famous specialty...This will give me the energy I need to complete my task.

I will have harmonious BlueBirds to keep me company while I work on some more of the "Funnies" for my story. I may have to stop and take a "Cha-Cha-Cha" break from time to time as they are quite good singers...it is hard to keep still when they sing their jazzy songs.

I will have to spend many hours building FunTown...this means working into the night. This can be problematic as there are parties almost every night. I always want to attend parties...after all...there are tasty party treats, rousing games of charades and snappy music to dance all night.

So...off I go to complete my task...I will keep you all informed of my progress. Wish me luck and Happy Trails...Till next time.

Have silly "Make Your Dreams Come True" fun,   Jody
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