Jun 24, 2012

Come On In...

Hello... Last weekend Pat and Tom Murphy were in town for a wedding and fortunately for me they came by for a visit. As I was showing her around my kitchen and looking at some of my shelves...I thought...hmmm...maybe I could blog about this.

People always ask me what do I collect...there is no easy reply...but I have decided that it is best described by this simple sentence. "Anything that would have intrigued a young child."

Most people have lovely and sophisticated  kitchen accessories...My poor husband... I have toys and children's images all over. Plus...I am not much of a cook. Oh well...I smile when I look around at all of my treasures.

Have silly peeking in my kitchen window fun"....Jody, the little girl who never quite grew up

Jun 13, 2012


Hello...A couple of months ago I made my first house...and at that time my mind started to explore the options. Well, this little birdhouse has been waiting to be built. These houses take so much time...but I love the process.

A peek from the back yard.

This was fun...I would shop here...

Yes...I have been "Playing House" of late.

But...it is June...So there are flowers blooming and little bugs all about.

Have silly "Home is the where the heart is" fun,   Jody

Jun 6, 2012

Tuxedo Time...

Hello...It is that time of year for all of the "Dandy's" to don their tuxedos and dance the night away. After all it is June...that means Weddings and Proms.

The fellows look so dapper in their finest. This one is quite the two-stepper. All of the ladies fancy a dance with him...

This one is shy...look he is blushing. He is a little self conscious of his "Plumpness."

This one is a joker....he is always lots of fun...but the rumor is that he can't dance....maybe because he has no shoes.

This "Handsome Dan" is quite vain...he spends a lot of time in front of the mirror. Yes, that is pomade in his hair. He seems nervous...the newspaper is calling for strong winds and he has a convertible. What if his hair-do gets messy? Maybe he should find a top hat and relax.

This fellow is a confident groom...he doesn't have a care in the world...it seems that the bride is an heiress.

Oh no...His Fiancee made him dinner last night and he just discovered that she can't cook!

This cheeky lad is ready for his honeymoon...no pants. I am quite sure that the Mother-of-the-Bride is mortified.

Hip-Hip Hooray for all of the Gentlemen...I hope that the right one comes ringing your doorbell. Oh...and don't forget your dancing shoes.

Have "I could have danced all night" fun,    Jody

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