Jul 26, 2011


Hello...I bid you a fond farewell as I am ready to wing my way across the globe...not literally...as I will be be on a jetliner. This happy couple will be joining me and my other little fellows on our Pacific Rim Adventure...this is Huey and Ruby Doobee-Doo.

Co-Co Bunny foolishly believes that she has her own transportation...but she hasn't consulted her World Atlas and she has no clue just how long our journey will be. Rest assured that I have plenty of room for her and her little duck.

This is the special edition I have made for my Japanese friends...Girlie-Punkie. She is my rendition of Merrythought's PunkinHead Bear. I have made fifteen and they are all different. I have made pink, red, light blue and royal blue skirts and there are they all have their own duck appliques and bloomers. I do hope that they like her.

Since Girlie-Punkie has a fun party outfit, I thought it would be fun to make little look-alike friends for the bears. These little skirts were a challenge indeed...but I am very happy with the results. As I have said in FunTown...fashion is very important.

I have never given a class before...but as they say "there is always a first time for everything." We are going to stitch together little daisy girls. I will let you know the results upon my return. I am quite nervous about this. Maybe I should take a quick public speaking seminar from "Frank Lee Speaking," the famous orator in FunTown. Hmmm...I should have thought of that sooner. Cross your fingers for me.

The time has come to bid you farewell. I will take lots of snapshots to share with you.

Have silly "So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersein, Good-Bye...Adieu adieu...to you and you and you-ou" fun,

Jody, your jet-lagged already friend

P.S. I am sorry about my sign-off...now you will have those shiny little VonTrapp children singing in your head all day.

Jul 21, 2011

Bonnie Voyage...

Hello...It is my pleasure to introduce you to Miss Bonnie Voyage...the proud owner of "The Bonnie Voyage...Gateway to Adventures" Travel Agency in FunTown. She likes to arrange "Flights of Fancy." Between her expertise in winged travel and her air of sophistication, she is quite successful.

We are readying for our trip to Japan....there is much excitement in the air. This is "Buttons." She is embarrassed to admit that she is a tad nervous about dining there...as she fumbles about with chopsticks. She has confided in me that she will order soup to avoid any embarrassing situations.

This is "Bumble-Pink." She can hardly contain herself as she has been reading  in her encyclopedia about the lovely Cherry Blossoms in Japan. In fact she is waiting at the front door...so she can be the first to board the airplane.

Here is "Blondie Bloomer." Bumble-Pink has also been researching the weather in Japan at this time of year. So Blondie is looking forward to sunny days...she is hoping to meet up with some  fancy blooming "Bachelor Buttons." She can only hope for success.

"Robin's Egg Bun" is also coming...she was late for the snapshot session, as she tends to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. She insists that her ears are perked in just the right way.

We are going to have to get back to our travel preparations. We have many stitches to stitch.

Have "dreaming of little packets of airline peanuts" fun,

Jody, your friend who hates to admit that she is a chopstick bumbler also

P.S. There is discord here in FunTown...Some of the other monkeys have hurt feelings because they were not highlighted in the last blog...so stay tuned as I will try to remedy the situation. "Touchy-Touchy."

Jul 17, 2011

Monkey-See-Monkey Doodles

Hello...My monkeys have been wanting to get some face time on our blog here in FunTown. I love monkeys...they are silly, irreverent and of course, curious. the little monkey on the left is one of my designs that Boyd's Bears made years ago, he is now wearing glasses...as he has been having trouble reading roadsigns. The next one is Jules, a quiet fellow, but well-behaved. The next two are Miss Dilly-Dally and Little Phillip Morris.  I wonder where they are off to? Oh well, they always return at lunch-time.
 This is Socky...when I met him in Orange, California, I could hear him sighing with relief...as he thought I would never come and save him from his locked glass display case prison. He is quite old and it is hard for him to run around and get into mischief...so he hitches a ride on Frenchy, his very hospitable doggy buddy. The little bunny is always with them as he likes their jokes...
This is the Amazing Twirl-O...He can spin plates at lightning-like speed....whilst whistling "Dixie" He is retired now and only performs for private parties. He loves to share his nostalgic tales of his days on the old "Ed Sullivan Show."
 This is Didier...my petite "le monkey" that I found in France. It was my lucky day indeed as Didi has a green thumb (well, actually, he has no thumbs)...what I mean is he is a "Flower-Whisperer." So now the house is alive with "les blossoms."
 My little entertainers...they will perform at the drop of a hat. Which can be problematic...because of the noise factor. The problem was solved once we gave them a curfew...No shows after 9:00 PM. Now all is well in FunTown once again.
The rumors are swirling...I do believe there is romance in the air. When Monkeys See...Monkeys Do.
Here is the Von Chimpen Family...they like to chat among themselves. Mrs. Von Chimpen makes the tastiest banana creme pies. They are always invited to the parties in town and she generously brings her colorful basket with several pies to share. How nice!
I am going to sign off today to the strumming of Banjo Joey...he has never taken banjo lessons and he tends to hit the wrong notes...he has a "tin ear" maybe it's because he has a tin banjo...who knows?

Have silly monkeying around fun today,   Jody

Jul 12, 2011

Come With Me to Dingle Dell

Hello...I would like to introduce you to the artistry of Grace Drayton... she also drew under these names, Grace Gebbie and Grace Wiederseim. Most of you will recognize her for her "Campbell Soup Kids" fame...but to me she is "Dolly Dingle of Dingle Dell"...My most influential inspiration. If she were still alive I would want her to be my best friend...as I know we would giggle about the same silly things...the image above is taken from a "Laughing Elephant" greeting card.

She drew the Dolly Dingle series of paper dolls for a women's magazine, "Pictorial Review" from 1913 until 1933. I own the Dover Publications Reproduction books from 1978...1979...and 1985. These books are treasures to me.

 This is Billy Bumps of Dingle Dell...I must admit that he is my favorite. Look at those chubby knees and inquisitive grin. He is probably not the fastest runner in his neighborhood...but I would bet that he is the kindest...

The clothing, accessories and toys highlight those early years...I hope that they share those silly toys with their friends. I am sure that they do...as in Dingle Dell everyone is kind and behaves appropriately. 

Here is Kitty-Cutie of Dingle Dell...devoted companion...and snappy dresser herself.

During these years World War 1 was happening, so those in Dingle Dell were very patriotic...

Holidays are much anticipated and happily celebrated...Boo..
Tasty treats are prepared with great care and love...

The Dingle's have many friends and neighbors...It appears that the Quack-Quacks enjoy those tasty treats at the Dingle's...

Even with their busy schedules...there is always time to volunteer for public service...

Good deeds and American pride...always a good thing in Dingle Dell...

Good grooming is the way of life in Dingle Dell...

That about says it all....

Any of you who know me personally or are familiar with my work will see the profound influence these little silly little characters have had on me. Dingle Dell and FunTown are neighboring villages...it seems the sun shines a little brighter here and there.

Thank you for visiting with us today. I will share some more of my inspirations with you in the future.

Have silly "Robert Roll-Round" fun,   Jody of Dingle Dell

Thank you Grace Drayton...Hip-Hip Hooray for you!

Jul 5, 2011

Hi-Ho-Hi-Ho...it's off to Japan We Go....

Hello...or should I say Konichiwa...I have been cordially invited to come to Tokyo...to give a class.. do a demonstration....and sign my work. It is an honor indeed and I am very grateful to be invited by my generous hosts, Canal Company. I will be going at the end of the month. So, needless to say...We are busy here in FunTown
I am in the process of working on a special limited edition for my special Japanese friends. Geez, I hope they enjoy her, as I am quite pleased..but there is still many  more details to attend to before completion.
As you can see I am up to my "glass eyes" in mohair and excelsior...
I won't unveil the special edition until I go...but I will share it with you then...Here are a few of the Funnies who are going to make the journey with me. "Little Marsha-Mallow"..."Rosey & Posey" and "Pretty Peeps." We are getting their passports in order, as we speak. They are fussing about, as they want their passport photos to be flattering. We are quite vain here in FunTown...we are strong believers that appearances are important.

I will keep you posted as to our  progress. I have to scurry back to my sewing room right now, as there is lots of work to do. As they say "A stitch in time...will help me meet my deadline."

Have "making silly summer memories" fun,   Jody-San
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