Jul 21, 2011

Bonnie Voyage...

Hello...It is my pleasure to introduce you to Miss Bonnie Voyage...the proud owner of "The Bonnie Voyage...Gateway to Adventures" Travel Agency in FunTown. She likes to arrange "Flights of Fancy." Between her expertise in winged travel and her air of sophistication, she is quite successful.

We are readying for our trip to Japan....there is much excitement in the air. This is "Buttons." She is embarrassed to admit that she is a tad nervous about dining there...as she fumbles about with chopsticks. She has confided in me that she will order soup to avoid any embarrassing situations.

This is "Bumble-Pink." She can hardly contain herself as she has been reading  in her encyclopedia about the lovely Cherry Blossoms in Japan. In fact she is waiting at the front door...so she can be the first to board the airplane.

Here is "Blondie Bloomer." Bumble-Pink has also been researching the weather in Japan at this time of year. So Blondie is looking forward to sunny days...she is hoping to meet up with some  fancy blooming "Bachelor Buttons." She can only hope for success.

"Robin's Egg Bun" is also coming...she was late for the snapshot session, as she tends to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. She insists that her ears are perked in just the right way.

We are going to have to get back to our travel preparations. We have many stitches to stitch.

Have "dreaming of little packets of airline peanuts" fun,

Jody, your friend who hates to admit that she is a chopstick bumbler also

P.S. There is discord here in FunTown...Some of the other monkeys have hurt feelings because they were not highlighted in the last blog...so stay tuned as I will try to remedy the situation. "Touchy-Touchy."


  1. Hola!!!

    Que cosas más bonitas y tiernas.

    Un abrazo y feliz día.

  2. SMILE from ear to ear. What a fun bunch. Do they speak Japanese?

  3. they are all too stinkin cute... and I hope that qll their passports & traveling bags are all in order... I know that they are going to bee welcomed & loved by the folks in Japan... they are truly a lucky bunch of gals to bee going on a wonderful adventure.. Have a honey of a day ~ may sweet things come your way! ;O)

  4. have a safe trip! everyone is going to love you and your traveling companions! have lots of fun! thinking of you.....take care u!


  5. I hope they behave themselves on the flight.
    Decorum, ladies! Order in the court!
    Safe travels

  6. Funny Girl. You know I see your personality in every single one of your fun town friends. I hope Japan is ready for you all! Miss your smile, my funny friend.

  7. Well, well, Bon Voyage to you and all your shiny faced friends. They all look so excited to be taking this journey.. safe travels my friend...


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