Jul 17, 2011

Monkey-See-Monkey Doodles

Hello...My monkeys have been wanting to get some face time on our blog here in FunTown. I love monkeys...they are silly, irreverent and of course, curious. the little monkey on the left is one of my designs that Boyd's Bears made years ago, he is now wearing glasses...as he has been having trouble reading roadsigns. The next one is Jules, a quiet fellow, but well-behaved. The next two are Miss Dilly-Dally and Little Phillip Morris.  I wonder where they are off to? Oh well, they always return at lunch-time.
 This is Socky...when I met him in Orange, California, I could hear him sighing with relief...as he thought I would never come and save him from his locked glass display case prison. He is quite old and it is hard for him to run around and get into mischief...so he hitches a ride on Frenchy, his very hospitable doggy buddy. The little bunny is always with them as he likes their jokes...
This is the Amazing Twirl-O...He can spin plates at lightning-like speed....whilst whistling "Dixie" He is retired now and only performs for private parties. He loves to share his nostalgic tales of his days on the old "Ed Sullivan Show."
 This is Didier...my petite "le monkey" that I found in France. It was my lucky day indeed as Didi has a green thumb (well, actually, he has no thumbs)...what I mean is he is a "Flower-Whisperer." So now the house is alive with "les blossoms."
 My little entertainers...they will perform at the drop of a hat. Which can be problematic...because of the noise factor. The problem was solved once we gave them a curfew...No shows after 9:00 PM. Now all is well in FunTown once again.
The rumors are swirling...I do believe there is romance in the air. When Monkeys See...Monkeys Do.
Here is the Von Chimpen Family...they like to chat among themselves. Mrs. Von Chimpen makes the tastiest banana creme pies. They are always invited to the parties in town and she generously brings her colorful basket with several pies to share. How nice!
I am going to sign off today to the strumming of Banjo Joey...he has never taken banjo lessons and he tends to hit the wrong notes...he has a "tin ear" maybe it's because he has a tin banjo...who knows?

Have silly monkeying around fun today,   Jody


  1. You have some great little friends there.

    Didier is holding a small tin with the word "MUM" inscribed on the top. Is it an old British cosmetics tin? I grew up in Victoria BC, where I still live. In the "olden days" Canada was part of the British Empire. The word mum refers to mother or as you say in the US mom. Just curious.

  2. OMG! Monkey LOVE!!! I just adore all these silly Fun Town monkeys. The monkey tales are so sweet and the pics are adorable.
    Have swingin' by your tail fun! LOL

  3. Hey Jodi looks like your having fun monkeying around again! x

  4. It truly is Funtown where you live... I wanna come and play..

  5. "When monkeys see monkeys do."
    Do what?
    Go to the monkey motel?
    and monkey around?
    what a fantastic collection.

  6. Julie...I am not quite sure what they do...I only hope they don't "Do" anything in front of the teddy bears...
    Have silly monkey motel fun,

  7. Talk about your charming blogs!!! I could easily spend the rest of the day here. :)

  8. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.... ADORABLE! Now I want some monkeys too!!! lol


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