Nov 29, 2011

The Scoop on Paul's Show...

Hello again....I have been slow to update you on my latest adventure as I have been down for the count with a bad cold and cough...Ugh...This is Paul Gordon, artist front of his charming home in Martinsburg, WV. When I say charming...I mean very charming.  He was a gracious host to all of the gang that gathered to celebrate the holiday.

Here is Paul in his studio standing proudly in front of his artwork. I sadly neglected to take a snapshot of his picture window with a magical snowman. Oops! You would have enjoyed it. People came from near and far for the opportunity to view and purchase his works of art.

What is Christmas with out a warm and fuzzy teddy bear...fortunately for us Pat Murphy brought some charmers. As usual. We all need a teddy bear or two to remind us of the child that lies within us all. You might want to put a MurphyBear on your wish list.

Leslie McCabe pulled the wool over our eyes by hooking some beautiful pillows and Christmas stockings. Leslie paints with colorful wool...she must find the wool from rainbow sheep. You just want to touch them to feel their warmth.

Meet  Allen Cunningham...yet another famous artist. His dolls are famous and his holiday figures are a sight to behold. He is as charming as his he looks just like Johnny Depp. As you can tell...I think the world of Allen.

This is Dara DiMagno ...a very talented jewelry artist. She makes one-of-a-kind pendants with vintage photographs and findings. Once you start to look at will become enchanted by her wit and talent. You can't help but smile and giggle when you start to explore her work.

 And here is Stacy Bear a multi-talented artist. She is a painter and a soft sculpture artist. Whatever she makes is so full of whimsy. She has been featured in many magazines over the she may be familiar to you.

And finishing up as we went around the room is Deborah Hartwig...a charming and colorful soft sculpture artist who makes the most clever pin cushions out of velveteen and creates the most imaginative little works of art.

The next day we went antique shopping in Hagerstown. Here is Jack, Allen, Fred, Nancy, Dominick, Pat, Leslie and Paul. We were good little we stimulated the economy that day.

I know that I prattled on and on, but it is hard to compact a magical weekend into a few paragraphs. The word "talented" was bandied about...but it was true. Paul's studio was filled beautiful artwork and the nicest of people. Truly. A wonderful way to let the holidays begin. So Merci Beaucoup to all of you who "decked the halls" with all of us.

Nancy Michler, Pat Murphy, Leslie McCabe and me after a tasty breakfast. When in West Virginia...enjoy the is an unspoken rule.

Have "comfort and joy" fun,


Nov 16, 2011

Going on Ho-Ho-Ho-Holiday....

Hello....Oh my gosh...Here it is...the holiday season. I will definitely get in a jolly frame of mind this weekend at Paul Gordon's Christmas Show  ...we hope that you can come and visit all of us. It is a friendly group and like I said last post...there will be tasty party snacks and snappy punch.  So waddle on over to Martinsburg, West Virginia...

This Mr. MacScottie....He just got the memo on the tasty party snacks...

"Stroodel-Doo" and I are all packed up and ready to go...well...actually I am still organizing my stuff...I don't manage my time the way that I should...

It is nice to get together with friends....just like these fellows....I am flying to Michigan to meet up with Pat Murphy and she and I are motoring our way to the shin-dig...I am sure that we will giggle, listen to snappy music and we can always play a rousing game of Car Bingo.
I will be sure to bring my winter it will be chilly.

Have "It's Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas" fun,   Jody, your Fa-La-La-Lah friend

If you need 

Nov 10, 2011

You Are All Invited...


Hello...Tis' the be please come to Paul Gordon's Christmas Show 

 I promise that it will be a magical day. Come to spend the day with us in Martinsburg, WV. Paul Gordon has the most charming studio I have ever seen. When I attended last year I was overwhelmed by his antique trims, textiles and antiques of all kinds. If you love Christmas...and shame on you, if you don' will be so happy if you join us.

I will write more about the other artists in a few days. I just wanted you to mark your calendars. Plus...there will tasty party snacks and flavorful punch. So do not delay!

Have "won't you join us" fun,   Jody, your friend who is humming Christmas Carols in her sewing room

Nov 7, 2011

Gidget Grows Up....

Hello...I have been in Chicago again visiting my consequently I haven't been able to post. My apologies. As you might surmise from the snapshot....something BIG has happened here in FunTown. I got me one of them fancy magical typewriters. An Apple LapTop. For those of you who don't know too much about me...this is a huge undertaking... as I am almost computer illiterate...but I am determined to change.

So...I need to go to classes and try to join in the 21st century parade that has passed me by. Hopefully I will be able to manage my web site.

I will be able to make some snappy CD's for Pip and I to dance to. Oh this will be so much fun. I fasten my seat belt and put on my space suit for my rocket ship adventure...wish me luck.

There is rejoicing in FunTown...the pressure is on.

Have silly "jumping into the deep end" fun,   Jody, the shiny new Apple girl

The credit for the illustrations goes to Charles of my favorites. The bear picture is from "The Story of Bad Little Billy Bear" by Mrs. H.G.C. Marsh Lambert
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