Jan 30, 2012

One-Two Cha-Cha-Cha...

Hello...Today I feel like dancing...and so does "Bobby Buttons." He is so happy because he just found out that it is socially acceptable to dance with... or... without a partner. So he is kicking up his heels in jubilation.

This is "Kenny Bunkport" and "Peter Pincher" doing what Kenny thought was going to be a simple Fox Trot...but Peter is a little too aggressive a partner...so this is a perfect example of when to choose to dance alone.

There are times that your dancing partner is shorter than you...So the Tango might not be the wisest choice...Tiny Cupcake and Groucho decided to do the Hokey-Pokey instead.

Phil Harmonica and Thumper are the best "Jitter-Buggers" in Funtown. We make room on the dance floor when a Chuck Berry song is played...as they are high kickers.

This is "Mr. Earnie Many-Winks" and his charming wife "Pearly-Pearly, Pretty Girlie" doing "The Twist." Pearly loves to shake-shake-shake.

"Whistling Dixie" and "Cappy Quacks"are so peppy...they can dance all night....and often do. All of this shaking keeps them slim and trim.

So...today, while you are baking cookies or polishing your silver...turn on the radio and do a little dance. It will make the cookies tastier and the silver extra shiny.

Have silly "shake it all about" fun,  Jody

Jan 24, 2012

Let's Have a Play Date...

Hello...Would you like to join me for an adventure in FunTown? I was thinking we should go to dinner and a movie. I will make reservations to dine at Tim's Red Hots...a highly sought after eatery here in town.

Then we can stroll down to "The Pip-O-Drome Movie House"...We can share a bucket of warm, buttery popcorn and get some Junior Mints at the refreshment stand in the lobby.

Sit back and enjoy the show...just click on to the link below...

Please join me in FunTown,,,,

Have "buttery popcorn bucket" fun,   Jody

Jan 17, 2012

My Funny Valentines...

Ahoy Mateys...My good friend Jen O'Connor of Earth Angels asked me to make some Valentine's Day toys. What fun...as I haven't made Valentines for many years...and I LOVE this holiday.  I have been acquiring old Valentines for many years. Imagine just how special they were for someone to tuck them away in an old shoebox to be discovered many years later. Now.... I would like to introduce you to this little sea-faring fellow "Willy-Bee-Mine"....I do think that he is hoping to find a BEE-autiful Mermaid.

The little girl with the big candy smile is named "SugarLump." We here in FunTown hope that she shares that fancy box of Assorted Swiss Chocolate of hers. I always want the chocolate covered cherries...unfortuantely, so does everybody else.

This is "Boo-Boo".... a fellow of many talents. He must have a secret crush on someone...as it is very tricky juggling five balls at once.

This sweet little trio is winging their way to Warwick, New York to Jen's magical playhouse. I do hope that they behave themselves....With all of that sugar consumption they do get a little "energetic."

Earth Angels ....Make yourself a steaming cup of hot chocolate...Oh...don't forget the marshmallows...and have fun visiting with Jen and all of her talented artists.

Have silly "dreaming of chocolate covered cherries" fun,   Jody

Jan 13, 2012

Let's Play...Let's Pretend...

Hello....Boy...oh...Boy....Life comes to a screeching halt when you land in the middle of the January calendar page. After the frenetic holidays...it is a welcome change. Since things are quiet here in FunTown...I thought."Why not share my inspirations with you?" I have given you little peeks along the way...so here is yet another peek. First...let me introduce you to "Whistling Dixie" the owner of "Whistling Dixie's Toy Shop" here in town. I might also add that she is a character of distinction in the book that I am working on. She is so warm, caring and patient with the children... as she lives in the land of make believe...No... really...she owns a house on "Make Believe Lane."

I found this charming little sticker book while shopping with my good friend Pat Murphy. We both get into mischief when we go antiquing. Anyway...back  to the point...This book was compiled in 1939...the golden years of children's books, as far as I am concerned.

Since it is so enchanting I am going to share the following pages with you.

For those of you that are familiar with my work you will see how images like this inspire my toys...and those of you who don't know me...now you know also...

Are you smiling?...

Sadly, this is the last page.

Here is another book I found at that same store. It was printed by the Volland Company...the same toy company that made the first Raggedy Ann's and Andy's...in 1924. It is printed on linen. A treasure, for sure.

This one of the pages. Very clever indeed.

Have silly "picture book" fun on this Mid-January day,   Jody, the little girl who never grew up

Jan 6, 2012

A Tuesday Evening in FunTown....

Hello...and I hope that your new year is full of new beginnings and sparky adventures. On Tuesday evening the citizens of FunTown convened for their annual town meeting and Pot Luck Supper. The dinner was very tasty...as everyone likes to show off their famous recipes.

The official meeting was called to order. Many ideas were discussed...

We took a brief break to help ourselves to a second helping of dessert....there were many to choose from....my favorite was the cherry pie. During the intermission we were entertained by "Steady Eddie and the Teddys."

We elected a new neighborhood beautification committee to keep our town neat and tidy.

Officer Chick-Wick volunteered to walk the pets for those of us with busy schedules.  You see...since there is no crime in FunTown...he tends to get bored and restless. We all applauded and sang "For He's a Jolly
Good Fellow."

We also accepted "Tumbling Tommy's" offer to change the light bulbs in the street lamps on Silly Street.
As you can see...we don't have much to discuss at these get-together's...as all is well here in FunTown. Yet, we do love to gather to sing, dance and dine with one another.

Pip was relieved that the meeting was concluded... he claims that it was very boring indeed. I tend to think  he was just pouting because we ran out of Dingos...his favorite treats.

It was time to go home and watch TV as no one wants to miss "Jeopardy."

Have silly "Frosty January " fun,   Jody
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