Jan 30, 2012

One-Two Cha-Cha-Cha...

Hello...Today I feel like dancing...and so does "Bobby Buttons." He is so happy because he just found out that it is socially acceptable to dance with... or... without a partner. So he is kicking up his heels in jubilation.

This is "Kenny Bunkport" and "Peter Pincher" doing what Kenny thought was going to be a simple Fox Trot...but Peter is a little too aggressive a partner...so this is a perfect example of when to choose to dance alone.

There are times that your dancing partner is shorter than you...So the Tango might not be the wisest choice...Tiny Cupcake and Groucho decided to do the Hokey-Pokey instead.

Phil Harmonica and Thumper are the best "Jitter-Buggers" in Funtown. We make room on the dance floor when a Chuck Berry song is played...as they are high kickers.

This is "Mr. Earnie Many-Winks" and his charming wife "Pearly-Pearly, Pretty Girlie" doing "The Twist." Pearly loves to shake-shake-shake.

"Whistling Dixie" and "Cappy Quacks"are so peppy...they can dance all night....and often do. All of this shaking keeps them slim and trim.

So...today, while you are baking cookies or polishing your silver...turn on the radio and do a little dance. It will make the cookies tastier and the silver extra shiny.

Have silly "shake it all about" fun,  Jody


  1. Does any body in dance town do the bunny hop?
    I'd dance with Kenny Bunkport anytime, but I would insist he take his pipe and put it aside, especailly during slow dances...

  2. I love all these pictures. They are bright and happy looking. They made me smile!

  3. OH my! I love to dance!! We dance with puppies and kitties at work all the time ;)
    I love Tiny Cupcake!! OH MY!! She is just wonderful!! They are all great as you know ;)
    Hugs, Lisa

  4. Hi Jody!
    I've given you an award for being such a great and creative blog!
    Have a look on my blog to read more about it if you want :)
    Oh, and those toys in this post are so amazing!! Love them!

  5. It's funny when I read postcard from funtowns...I always think postcards from the edge...movie about Carrie Fishers life...One of my all time favorites. Happy weekend to you girlie girl.

    1. Carrie Fisher is an idol of mine...high praise indeed. No wonder we like each other...I am on the edge...I just don't have mountain climbing equipment. Yet I do enjoy the view from here.
      Thank you for checking in, Jody, Edge Girl


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