Jul 26, 2011


Hello...I bid you a fond farewell as I am ready to wing my way across the globe...not literally...as I will be be on a jetliner. This happy couple will be joining me and my other little fellows on our Pacific Rim Adventure...this is Huey and Ruby Doobee-Doo.

Co-Co Bunny foolishly believes that she has her own transportation...but she hasn't consulted her World Atlas and she has no clue just how long our journey will be. Rest assured that I have plenty of room for her and her little duck.

This is the special edition I have made for my Japanese friends...Girlie-Punkie. She is my rendition of Merrythought's PunkinHead Bear. I have made fifteen and they are all different. I have made pink, red, light blue and royal blue skirts and there are they all have their own duck appliques and bloomers. I do hope that they like her.

Since Girlie-Punkie has a fun party outfit, I thought it would be fun to make little look-alike friends for the bears. These little skirts were a challenge indeed...but I am very happy with the results. As I have said in FunTown...fashion is very important.

I have never given a class before...but as they say "there is always a first time for everything." We are going to stitch together little daisy girls. I will let you know the results upon my return. I am quite nervous about this. Maybe I should take a quick public speaking seminar from "Frank Lee Speaking," the famous orator in FunTown. Hmmm...I should have thought of that sooner. Cross your fingers for me.

The time has come to bid you farewell. I will take lots of snapshots to share with you.

Have silly "So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersein, Good-Bye...Adieu adieu...to you and you and you-ou" fun,

Jody, your jet-lagged already friend

P.S. I am sorry about my sign-off...now you will have those shiny little VonTrapp children singing in your head all day.


  1. Jody they will love Merrythoughts AND stitching the daisy girls. You are a natural teacher , I know you will be encouraging and FUN.
    I'll be thinking of you and am sending wishes for safe travel, happy days and moments of calm too.

  2. go and spread happiness and good cheer... everyone looks very excited about their big trip..and I'm certain that you are pleased as well as exhausted. Put your feet up, and give a big hip hip Hurrah!!! congrats to a job well done..

  3. "yoi tabi wo" Translated....have a safe and pleasant journey. I love all your pictures by the way..... and go show Tokyo how to have some silly fun.

  4. Oh my gosh Jody, I have admired your work for so many years and it never occurred to me to look for you in blogland until I saw your studio in Where Bloggers Create. It's just as I imagined it might be and I have most of the same colors in my studio too. You are such an inspiration! Have a wonderful trip and I'm now following along, blessings, Nan

  5. Hi Jody!
    Wow! I just found your latest blog! Thanks Google!
    First of all, I wish to say thank you soooo much for your coming to Tokyo again!
    I was really happy to see you again in Tokyo, like my very first time to meet you in Ginza for 6 years ago. *smile* Anyway, time flies so fast because I can not believe that I met with you for 6 years ago!
    And also, thank you very much for your holding great class to stitch little daisy girls. It was really great and enjoyable one, and I was so glad to share the wonderful moment with you and nice classmates in Ikebukuro.
    Jody, please take care and I hope you will be coming back again to Tokyo. Talk to you again soon!


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