Aug 4, 2011

Yoo-Hoo...I am home!

Hello...I am back in Funtown with pockets full of happy Japanese memories. Don't expect any sparky sentences as I am very tired from our journey...but a "good" tired as I had a magical visit with my friends in Japan. This photo is of a display umbrella hanging upside down in the children's department at the Isetan Department Store in Shinjuku...the store where I had my signing event. The whole ceiling was full of these charming children A sight to see, for sure.

First...let me introduce you to this handsome gentleman...Takehito good friend. I met him many years ago at Linda Mullin's Teddy Bear show in SanDiego. He represents the Canal Company...a very important  business that has 14 bear stores in generous hosts. We have become very close over the years. I call him Prince Charming as he always takes such good care of me and my toys. I follow him around like a puppy dog while I am in Japan, for fear of getting far he hasn't lost me yet. This was my fifth visit to honor indeed and I am very grateful.

As I told you...I was going to give two classes. I have never done this before and I was quite nervous...between my jet-lag and my ignorance of the Japanese language...I did not want to disappoint anyone. I shouldn't have worried as my "students" were so kind and talented also.

This was the graduating class of the morning lesson. Didn't they do a good job? I was so proud of each of them...
This is old and loyal friend... she signed up for both lessons...a good friend indeed...and talented also.
My afternoon students...also talented and very much fun to sew with. I was truly amazed at how well everyone did with their poseys...

I am going to leave you with these many smiling and happy faces. In a few days I will tell you more of my there are many to share. For now...I want to say Arigato to all of my special friends who were so kind and supportive of me while I stumbled my way around Tokyo.

Have silly "Back in the U-S-S-A" fun,  Jody-San, the happy tourist


  1. Jody-San,

    Welcome back! It looks like everyone LOVED your class. Prince Charming is very cute....I might follow him around like a puppy dog too! (Even though I have a thing for Bigger Boys! LOL!)

    Can't wait to see more on your BLOG. And, before you know it, it will be CL Fair time. It'll be fun to spend time with you again. xoxo

    The Doodlemeister

  2. You are a star!!
    So happy it was such a success.
    welcome home

  3. Such happy faces, on both the students and their toys. How fun.

  4. Welcome Home Tokyo Jody. Looks like you and your adorable creations were a huge hit. I just knew you'd wow them!
    Have a giggly day-

  5. Welcome back to home sweet home! Prince Charming looks very kind and all of your class participants look most appreciative. The store and your display are beeeeeautiful! What an honor it must be to connect heart to heart with people from another country through your creations and your artistic, fun-loving spirit. You go, girl! Peace and ease, Jana


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