Aug 16, 2011

More Monkey Doodles...

Hello...As I mentioned in a previous blog...I seem to have inflicted great discomfort amongst the monkeys here in FunTown. I highlighted several of the monkeys , but not all...oohhh. big mistake. I am going to correct my error and give some of the others some face time. This is Toots...he likes to get the party started and play all night long. He has a great sense of rhythm and he has a lovely singing voice also.
This is Miss Margaret and Sister you might be able to surmise Miss Margaret is quite sophisticated, especially compared to poor Sally. I overheard Miss Margaret boasting of the glamorous evening she had the night before at the Chimpendale Debutante Ball. Poor Sally stayed home to babysit her cousins...but she loves to hear of Miss Margaret's escapades. She is so kind.

These are the Zippy Brothers. They are now retired from the Vaudeville circuit. They still love to do the Shuffle-Ball-Change. They all have a touch of arthritis after all of the years on the road and ill fitting tap shoes. I must admit they still have that spark that made them famous years ago.

Here is Bingo Boy. He is a husky fellow. Strong as can be...but he is such a softee. He cries every time he sees the movie "Love Story"...his favorite. I often find him in front of the T.V. with a bowl of popcorn and a box of Kleenex.

Lastly...the Rough-Riders. They are all saddled up and on alert for a rodeo. These fellows are dare-devils and adventure seekers. We love to hear their tales of Cowboys and Indians and damsels in distress. they never disappoint.

You may remember this frisky couple from my earlier post...

I think they were up to a little "Monkey Business."

Have silly "All's well in FunTown once more" fun,   Jody, the peacemaker


  1. What a great find! I'm so glad I found your blog today! Woohoo!

  2. Hey Girlfriend,

    What a great grouping and I'm so glad they have stories to go with em'. Have you had a chance to figure something out for me in regards to the circus?


  3. Jody, all your monkeys were a barrel of glad we got to meet them...I like miss margaret but sister sally is such a cutie I just love her.. thank you for beeing so kind to bring your friends out for us... Have a honey of a night ~ sweet dREaMs! toodles noodles Marlene ;O)

  4. And I know who is in charge of all this monkey business. Their names are a hoot and holler! I made a monkey quilt and all kinds of monkey dodad's for my grandson. You know I am into cute though, so mine are a little happier, and soft. But, they don't have all that vintage charm. Happy weekend Jody...any monkeying around this weekend?

  5. I adore your monkeys.
    oh and you too

  6. I am really digging Bingo Boy, I feel his pain in finding shoes that are his size, I seem to have got my Dads gigantic feet. This might not be as much of an issue except for the fact that Im a girl and when it comes to dress shoes notch it up as near to impossible haha.

    - Much love, Kim


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