Jan 5, 2013

Hello...Well, the sun is happy here in FunTown...as I am getting back to the pages of my book..."Welcome to FunTown." I keep getting sidetracked with other responsibilities and projects. I have been prattling on about this for many years...but 2013 is going to be Book Year for all of us here in town.

In life it is wise to follow the road signs along your journey...this will take you on the scenic route to your destiny. Also...it is very beneficial to have singing birds to accompany you.

I am going to walk through this cheerful door and have a French Vanilla Cupcake with red jimmies on top and a frosty glass of pink lemonade with three cherries. This tasty combination is FunTown's famous specialty...This will give me the energy I need to complete my task.

I will have harmonious BlueBirds to keep me company while I work on some more of the "Funnies" for my story. I may have to stop and take a "Cha-Cha-Cha" break from time to time as they are quite good singers...it is hard to keep still when they sing their jazzy songs.

I will have to spend many hours building FunTown...this means working into the night. This can be problematic as there are parties almost every night. I always want to attend parties...after all...there are tasty party treats, rousing games of charades and snappy music to dance all night.

So...off I go to complete my task...I will keep you all informed of my progress. Wish me luck and Happy Trails...Till next time.

Have silly "Make Your Dreams Come True" fun,   Jody


  1. Happy book year!!
    Like all your boards on pinterest, i follow you
    also on this blogspot. Keep being creative!

    1. Thank you Mieke...it is a pleasure to meet you. Have silly "pinning" fun, Jody

  2. Oh my! It must be hard to get things done at your house with all that partying going on--how fun! SO looking forward to getting my hands on your book, Jody! Love your style--and sense of humor!

    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday!


  3. More fun in Funtown and in a book too:) Good luck!!!

  4. Oh Jody! A book! I can't wait. I am sure it is going to be so fun! I always enjoy your creations and your use of such bold colors!
    Have a wonderful day,

  5. I just found you through your article in the Artful Blogger. Your town is darling! I am loving your characters and those felt birds in the tree melted my heart. When I was a kid I loved my visits in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, and I think your work is amazing and would love to read your book with my nieces and nephews. Good luck!

  6. Hi Jody,
    Just read all about you and your blog in Artful Blogging. What a fabulous talent for fun you have! I will be following you and all the adventures in Fun Town.
    May I link you blog to mine (http://wrenelizabethgifts.blogspot.com)? I think my friends would LOVE your blog too!
    Wishing you the best on your book.


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