Jan 27, 2013


Hello...I would like to introduce you to "Little Alice"...an edition of 8 that I have made exclusively for Jen O'Connor at Earth Angels...

She is bringing along her Cheshire Cat and his lasting mischievous grin...I wondered how I could distinguish my "Alice" from all of the multitudes of other versions. I guess his smile was lasting because it haunted me and I felt like he was a perfect companion for my young "Alice."

So...I will motor to the FunTown Post Office tomorrow so they can begin their journey to Warwick, NY....I will have to dress them warmly as it is still January and most of us have our mittens in our pockets. I am awaiting Springtime...those mittens in my pockets make my hips look big...or maybe I should say "bigger."

Have silly "Curiouser and Curiouser" fun,   Jody


  1. Oh! I just love Alice! Is she not the sweetest? And the Cheshire cat is just perfect. I hope that they arrive safely. Have a wonderful day, Holly

  2. I just discovered your blog, and I'm loving it! I want to live in FunTown. Hope you don't mind, but I'm linking you from my own blog ("crochet dolls in dreamland" donnachilds.blogspot.com). Thanks and keep up the great work!

  3. I see you have a little booklet "Handy Tips for Having Silly Fun," but I don't see where it's available.

  4. Hello Jody, I love your blog! I've just awarded you the Shine On Blog award. Please visit marchhousebookscom.blogspot.co.uk/ to read about the award. Best wishes, Barbara, March House Books


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