Aug 5, 2012

Ko Nichiwa...

Hello...I have arrived safely back in FunTown. It has taken me several days to get back to normal...whatever normal is. I had a magical time in Tokyo...I was treated like a Princess...that is a "normal" I would like to have. I have so many snapshots....But I will attempt to stop short of boring you to death.

The first day we had two classes at the department store Seibu in Ikebukuro. The first session we made little "Boo-Bear"...They were all good fact, I was honored to have two famous bear artists attend.

Here are the results...They look like back-up singers ready to sing and dance. I was very proud that they all turned out so great..."Kawaii"...that means sweet or very cute.

This is the afternoon class...We made "Bun-Bun"...They were a talented group also.

Speaking of happy dancers...Bravo.

Here are my friends that work at "Bear Labo", the store where this took place inside of Seibu. They all made needle felted sushi in a wonderful presentation box. Look closely and you will see their artwork. This was their gift to me. I was overwhelmed by their kindness and generosity.

The next day I did a demonstration and signing at "Isetan" in Shinjuku...When I arrived at "Bear! Bear! Bear! the store within Isetan that my hosts own...I was so pleased to see this sign hanging on the wall. This is "Little Punkie" a special limited edition I made for them.

This is "Tommy Rex" on the other wall. They certainly know how to charm me.

Here is part of my display table.

And the other side.

 This is Mr. Matsubara...The collectors each had a letter and we drew them out one at at a time so they could choose what they wanted, in order. Boy, this was an ego-booster.

These are some of my friends...

I do think it is time to bid you "Sayonara"...I will share the rest of my adventurous snapshots next time. This was on the bottom of my "Sushi Toy" gift box. Lucky Me!

Have silly "I Love Japan" fun,   Jody-San, your smiling friend


  1. Oh wow it looks like you had an amazing time in Tokyo Jody, everyone looks so happy!! I've always wondered what kawaii means and now I know, thankyou :) and thankyou for this lovely post,
    vicky xxx

  2. Wauw, what a lovely blog post.. the workshop of Boo-Bear and Bun Bun looks like great fun, they all turnt out realy great!


  3. Oh how lucky you are! What an awesome teacher you are, too! I love your table setup, it's just perfectly you.


  4. Congratulations, Jody! This looks like so much fun!!! They were so lucky to have you and your creations there. I bet your class was so much FUN! xo Jennifer


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