Sep 21, 2011

Snapshots from The Creative Connection

Hello...I am back in FunTown after my sparky trip to St. Paul to attend The Creative Connection . My hat is off to Jo Packham and the marvelous staff from Stampington & Company for putting together an amazing event that was enjoyed by least every smiling person that I spoke with. I started off at the Artist Market...aisles of talented businesses with colorful  and artful displays. This snapshot is of this little fellow that enchanted me...but alas...I did not have the funds and I am afraid that he will haunt me in the future. At least I  have the image and I can share him with all of you. Isn't he charming?

Let me introduce you to Jo Packham, the attractive executive with the fun spectacles...the Master-Mind behind the "Where Women Create" and "Where Women Cook" magazine fame. If this was an orchestra...she would be the "Maestro". She had an adoring public that patiently waited in line to get her autograph in her new beautiful book "Celebrate Where Women Cook". It is yet another best seller. Hip-Hip Hooray for Jo...

Look at these pretty, successful and youthful executives...Christen Olivarez, the Editor-in-Chief & Director of Publishing and Elizabeth Komatsu, Advertising Account Executive...both of Stampington & Company. I was so impressed by their sparky personalities and friendliness to me and all of the participants.

This is a peek into Tinsel Trading's bountiful booth. I love Tinsel Trading...a must-see if you are in New York City. It was a treat to be able to see a small sampling of their intriguing wares. Especially since they accepted credit cards. Hooray for them, also...

Oh...this display piece stopped me in my tracks...of course it wasn't for sale...but wouldn't we all want this? As I was drooling over it, the kind owner plugged it in...imagine that... it was electrified. So, we can all stand back and admire it at least. It pleases me to know that this exists.

Tim picked me up at the airport and we stopped at the Virginia-Highlands neighborhood in Atlanta for dinner...yes, I know...that was nice of him. Back to the we strolled to the restaurant we passed by this impressive window display at a children's store. I popped in to inquire if it was for sale...sadly, this also was beyond my reach...but I ran back to our car to retrieve my camera and now we can all enjoy this sparky picture. So I hope that you enjoy this also.

Upon my return Pip-Squeak, my faithful companion was over the moon to have me home I give him many tasty dog treats. Here he is this afternoon watching my every he doesn't want to see my suitcase ever again. Sorry Pip, the Atlanta Country Living Show is coming up next month. So, I should get back to my sewing room once again. It was a great adventure in St.Paul and I had an inspiring experience...but it is nice to be home also.

Have "Wish you were there" fun,   Jody, the weary traveller...I forgot to mention that on my departure I  had a five hour mechanical delay...oh my!

P.S. I showed you all of the things I gawked at...but...look at what I did bring home. Not the soldiers, but my lucky duck. Next time I might hop in his little cart and forget the airplane. I wonder if he serves peanuts?


  1. Well well Jody, it does look as tho you had a splendid time at the Creative Connection gala affair.. I only wish that our paths could have crossed, but alas, I was too weary to leave the couch after day two of the Junk Bonanza.. ahhhh, but there is next month...yipee!!!!
    As for that sweet litte duck, my blue eyes have turned an envious shade of green... and those soldiers, well, you might make a note to check pockets apon our departure...see ya soon...

  2. you depart my will have to pass through a metal detector and a pat-down...oh...a little unintended pun. How an unintended rhyme. I am stopping now before I put on a tall stripey hat and turn into Dr. Seuss.
    Have "I love green eggs and ham" fun, Jody

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  4. I've loved your work for so many years! That's a blue bird wearing a hat :-}
    I'm happy to say I am a follower of your bloggie.



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