Mar 9, 2013

Here Comes the Bride...

Hello...I am so excited today...My youngest son Jeff is getting married next week. The good news is that I love his bride-to-be...She makes him smile the biggest smile ever. I have never seen him so happy.

This blushing bride is a bit coquettish...she knows how cute she is...and this patient groom is looking forward to the honeymoon. Patience is a virtue.

She is a little chatterbox...note how he is covering his ears...that's okay because she is a good cook and her cherry pies are to die for...

Uh-Oh...she has no shoes...and he has no trousers...Let's hope that he doesn't step on her toes while doing the cha-cha-cha...

Wow...look at this risqué bride...what was she thinking?...a sheer gown and no underwear...Oh my goodness...Her new Mother-in-Law must be mortified...Not a good beginning.

Well, off I go as there are many deeds to attend to.

Have silly "Yea, I am going to have a daughter now" fun,   Jody


  1. Congratulations Jody have a fun time and dance the night away. :0)

  2. Ooooooh Jody, you're going to have such fun.. the BIG day is REALLY coming up quickly.. have splendid time.

  3. What wonderful fun! That is so exciting. Your son and his bride to be sound like the perfect couple :) I love your vintage wedding couples. A toast to your son and future d-in-l, may they always be this happy! Have a great time during this celebration of two becoming as one, Holly

  4. These are just precious! I have a few of these little dolls! I need to get more creative...I think mine are nakey! heehee!


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