Mar 18, 2013

Happy Mother of the Groom

Hello...I am at a loss for words...a very uncommon sentence for me to write. I am nestled in my comfy chair with my dog Pip at my side...totally exhausted from the past week. My family and I had a magical week in Florida at Jeff's Wedding...Jeff is my younger son...I might add...My Smiling Son. I am smiling also as I am now the proud Mother of my new daughter, Juliana.

This is "Bye-Bye-Bridie" a little chick winging her way into her future...Made with lots of love and enthusiasm.

So many of the Happy Couple's family and friends travelled many miles to support them and share their love and affection.

Yes... everyone got in the party spirit. I have never seen such a smiling  group of party revelers, story-tellers and snappy dancers. Yes, we had several "Some Enchanting Evenings."

I made many new friends...It is such a comfort for a Mother to be assured that her son and new daughter will be surrounded by this lovely supportive family and charming friends.

So...Hip-Hip Hooray for this shiny new happy family! Their pockets are full of warm memories...So are mine.

Have silly "I Could Have Danced All Night" fun,   Jody, your happy friend


  1. Congratulations to the newly weds and to you as well. It's always wondrous for the family to grow, and any grandchildren that result will be doubly blessed to have you as a grandma.....oh what fun! I'm gonna have to get another creation from you, I need a "Fun Town" collection to grow in my studio as it fits right in with my theme. Check out my studio sometime......I have a link on the right side of my blog.


  2. how wonderful -- happy happy news to share xoxox


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