Dec 4, 2011

Oh-No....It's December already!

Hello...and Ho-Ho-Ho...How could this be? The calendar turned to the last page....this could only mean one thing....Yes, it means that December is upon us...and once again, I am running around like a frenzied elf who has lost his candy canes. I have not decorated my house as yet...don't tell anyone, but I still have not packed away my Halloween...yes it is in a pile in the spare room.
Today as I wondered what to blog about...I visited a cabinet that houses some of my Santas. My thought was that I would get in the mood...Bingo! Above is a Santa that I made in 1999.

Here is merry band of music makers. If you look might notice that the little fellow with the squeezebox seems to have hit a sour note as the cymbals player next to him is casting him a dirty look of disappointment. These little guys are performing daily here in FunTown and twice on Saturdays. They do a great jazzy version of "Oh Tannenbaum."

Santa is happy to discover that it is December, as you can tell by his expression that he is dreaming of cookies and hot cocoa. Take a gander at "Snitzer" the reindeer...he is not too thrilled, as he is driving solo. I read in the "Hip-Hip Hooray Gazette"...our little hometown newspaper in Funtown...that Snitzer lost a bet and now he has to go it alone. Poor Snitzer...these holidays are exhausting for many of us.

Little Snowflakes is enjoying his treasured trophy that he won at the Funtown Snowball Toss-Off. He is acting a bit show-offy...not only is he a champion...but he has finished his Christmas shopping. Lucky him...

 Miss Jingle Belle is getting last minute alterations on her ball gown...She is a contestant in the "Little Miss Sugar Plum Beauty Pageant." She has been practicing her baton twirling routine for the talent competition. She isn't very good at the catching portion of her she is hoping to gain extra points with her fancy dress. She has been baking sugary cookies for the judges to butter them up. This is not the way to win the "Miss Congeniality" contest.

This our front door. My husband Tim decorated our front door yesterday. My poor Apple Fan is in desperate need of some "sprucing up"...literally...

Off I go...back to my sewing room. I hope that all of you are "decking your halls."

Have silly "merry and bright" fun,   Jody 


  1. I just adore the band and Miss Jingle Belle!

  2. How festive everything is.....but poor Snitzer looks almost like he's in bondage....;o)

    The band is adorable and in such good shape for their age. I'll be decorating the inside of my home next week when my cleaning lady will take a day off of cleaning and help me put out all my goodies.

    Have the merriest Christmas ever Jody!


  3. Merry Christmas to everyone in Fun Town from Victoria, BC, Canada.

  4. Thanks for the smile Jody. So glad to see your gang getting ready for the big day.

  5. It looks quite merry and bright at your fancily decorated homestead.
    Have I mentioned I am to old to do this stuff? Show was good in many ways. California decided to be 60 degrees instead of 80, but sunshine showed up. Glad to be home. Heading for New York on sunday. Have I mentioned, I am tired? Miss your sweet healed smile.

  6. Love your Christmas goodies Jody...especially that Santa you made. :0)

  7. Hi, Jody, a beautiful post. I love your treasures, and you both did a fantastic job decorating your home for the holiday.
    Happy Holidays To All,

  8. Amazing how this time of year just creeps up on us.. I want to come to your looks so festive and cheery. Good work Jody AND Tim!!


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