Dec 21, 2011

So Be Good For Goodness Sake...

Hello...Everyone has been scurrying about shopping, baking, decorating, wrapping, mailing, cleaning and trying their best to create a Merry Christmas for those that we love. Let's sneak a little moment for ourselves to remember our Christmas's Past.

Looking through the Penney's Catalogue...circling the toys that were under consideration in your dreams. Sitting in the backseat of your parent's station wagon looking in amazement at the twinkly Christmas lights.

Shopping with your Mother to buy a little thoughtful present for your very best friend...knowing for sure that it would be just what she wanted.

Finally...Christmas Eve would arrive...always the longest afternoon known to mankind. In my case...trying to stay out of the way as my Mother and Father finished up the last minute errands...trying my best not to bicker with my brother and sister...for fear of Santa getting a last minute memo of my misbehavior. Then finally we would climb into the back seat and drive to my Grandmother's home.

Dressing in your fanciest nightgown....and then the long night ahead. So much to ponder...where is Santa now? Did Dad put out the fire in the fireplace in time? Will the snow slow down his journey? Oh did we ever fall asleep?

Waiting until 6:00...the acceptable time to knock on our parent's bedroom door...after a night full of visions of sugarplums.

Yes...Santa had been to our home. The unwrapping, the shrieks of delight, checking to see what gifts your sister or brother were opening. Divine Bliss..

I believe it is good for our hearts to look try to recreate that magic for those that we love. Let's remember the child that dwells within all of us and treat them well.

So...with "Little Tin Horns, and Little Toy Drums. Rooty-Toot-Toots and Rummy Tum Tums...Let's Have a Jubilee."

Have silly "Sugarplum Dreaming" fun,   Jody and the rest of us in FunTown

Jami...thank you for the happy little fellow on wheels and the Santa in the convertible. Merci Beaucoup.


  1. Love the always your collection is wonderful!!! :0)

  2. Lovely photos and story through Christmas pasts. Both your vintage and handcrafted toys are wonderful! :-)


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