Oct 6, 2011

Yippee...it's October...

Hello...Last evening at dusk I heard the rumble of some engines rolling down Silly Street (this is the main thoroughfare in FunTown.) Since the harvest moon is waxing...this could mean only one thing. The silly goblin fellows are parading into town to remind  us that it is time to decorate for Halloween. Yippee!

They honk their horns and sing spooky songs to get our attention.

We are all a bit edgy...because planning your Trick-or-Treat costume is so very important. There is a costume contest at the Harvest Moon Fall Festival. The pressure starts to mount with each day...

The employees at the  Pumpkin Patch and the Cider Mill are working overtime to keep up with the demand.

Here is a charming witch made by the famous artist Jack Roads. She brought up the rear of our little Spooky Parade. Now the season has officially begun here.

We will all study up on our Halloween stories to tell the young folks...

Practice our dance moves...

And...most importantly...we will stock up tasty trick-or-treat snacks. It is wise to have plenty on hand...just in case you sneak into the bags beforehand.

Have " making your home spooky" fun,    Jody, the one carrying boxes up and down the stairs


  1. Your gang look like they would scare away the ghouls with the chattering of their teeth!

    :-} Lorraine

  2. Oh...Jody I'm lovin the Fall Fun Town parade!!!

  3. Hey there party girl. Oh I've got my party shoes alright...but better yet I have my party mood in high gear. Can't wait to see you trouble makers.


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