Oct 26, 2011

Jody...the name dropper

Trick-or-Treat...and a howdy-doo to all of you. "Oh-My-Pumpkin-Pie" and I would like to invite you to peek in my window and view some of my friend's spooky artwork. I am going to use this opportunity to boast of my worldly buddies. This may come across as boastful on my part...but...I do think you will enjoy them. I have cool friends. So grab your Loot Bag and follow us....

I keep these dancers on my wall all year long....hmmm...I bet that their little feet hurt by now...this mischief making pair were created by Leslie McCabe...a famous textile artist. She is a Master "Puncher"..."Rug Hooker" and jewelry artist. Plus, she is my good friend.

This little Squirrely fellow was needle felted by my good friend Pat Murphy of the internationally famous MurphyBear Company. She not only makes beautiful bears...but now she is having fun sculpting charming little characters, also. Take a peek at her birds...you will be glad that you did.

Paul Gordon, a very famous Folk Artist made this lovely Harvest Lady. My good friend Dana Wade gifted me with this heirloom treasure several years ago. Imagine my delight when I spied her the first time. She is a tree topper that is sculpted and painted by Paul and he has the very best of vintage trims. Aren't I lucky?

This mystical Fortune Teller was made by Jami Santos. My sparkly friend in California. This Madame has a faraway look...I wonder what she is thinking. Is it possibly a mysterious secret or is her crystal ball getting too heavy? Jami is a very special woman...she often has this same expression. Come to think of it...she may have a little crystal ball in her pocket.

Speaking of expressions...look at this mischief-maker. Scott Smith of Rucus Studio made this nodder. You may be familiar with his work as he is always featured in the best art magazines. I treasure all of the pieces I have accumulated from Scott over the years.

David Bruce of Acorn Cottage made this sparky little spooky lantern. He definitely has that grin that makes you wonder what he has been up to. I haven't seen David for years now and I miss him...luckily I have many of his Halloween pieces that make me smile.

We are busy making caramel apples, popcorn balls and treat bags for all of the tricksters that are going to ring our doorbell on Halloween night. So now that I have invited you to peek in my window...I would like to extend the invitation to my doorstep.

So...do not delay...Put on those dancing shoes and party hats and get ready to make some mischief.

Have silly loot bag fun,   Jody, the proud friend

P.S. I hope that you all get many tasty treats...especially the chocolate kind...



  1. Oh my, I am sorry that I missed all the fun down in Atlanta last week, and VERY sad that I still have not seen all your amazing collections. Someday my friend...Have a spooktacular Halloween!

  2. WOW! You know all the cool kids!
    Happy Halloween!

  3. That looks like a little BAT :-} by Pat SO sweet!! and I love your cat and the pumpkin kids. All the creations are wonderful.

    xx Lorraine xx

  4. Thank you so much for the Halloween tour! Wish I loved close by, I would love to go treating at your home!

  5. Haaaa great dolls.Very lovely.

    Greatings send you Conny

  6. I've searched far and wide for the creator of party hat cat. Are any of these dolls on this list still sold? PS: The gmail provided does not work, is either unavailable or unable to receive messages.


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