Oct 13, 2011

A Jolly Farewell...

Cheerio...Yes, I am in a jolly mood today, as I have finally sent some of my special little friends on an international adventure to Teddy Bears of Witney...a magical store tucked away in a charming village in Jolly Olde England. I have been honored for many, many years to be included in his infamous catalogue....and I do mean honored. I do special editions for Ian Pout, the owner, every year...as he puts out an annual catalogue that those of us in the teddy bear collecting world look forward to each fall. It is chock-full of wonderful toys from all over the world. Above is the "Prince of Whales"...he is expecting a royal welcome once he returns to his ancestral home. I do hope that he is faring well on his journey...as he prefers traveling on his yacht...he is a white knuckle flyer.

This is "Hoot" and "Annie"...a jolly pair. Once again...England is the place for them. So many British children have grown up with Gollies. They will have many friends to get acquainted with upon their arrival. I sent them with their whistles in case they need to hail a taxi.

"Tiny Cupcake" is a tad nervous herself...as she has repeatedly heard that in England they enjoy "tea and crumpets"...she hopes that they enjoy her sweet disposition. I reassured her that everyone loves cupcakes.

I was sad to send them on their way but I am having lots of silly fun making new funnies for the Atlanta Country Living Show on October 21st, 22nd and 23rd. I will be under the Earth Angels Tent with all of my fellow artist friends. You really should attend as it is a phenomenal show. I will let you know more about it this week.

Have "I love apple cider" fun,    Jody


  1. I love them all and would love to be traveling to jolly ol' England with them. I'm sure they will be the hit of the town.
    Thanks for the giggles-

  2. Hip, hip.. yippee.... I saw the balloons go up!!! I'm sure that they will be a sell-out in Jolly Ol'e England.. pat yourself on the back... a job well-done..

  3. Oh my! I'm gaga over Tiny Cupcake! What a total sweetheart! :-)

  4. Hey mate, I hope Atlanta isn't to chilly for us and all our silly friends. I am pullin out the gloves and winter coat! See you soon.


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