Feb 27, 2012

I am happy that February is Over...This means March is here...

Hello...Well...Springtime is just around the sunny corner of "Happy Avenue and Finally Boulevard"...This makes me smile...I am happy to be sewing on Pink Velveteen...So very cheerful. My friend here is "Betty Bloomer." She and her sisters are on their way to Earth Angels...

This is an edition of four...Don't they look like back-up singers for "Madame Sara Nade?" I love the way they look together...as if they are lined up in a tidy English garden...soaking up the sun's rays.

Speaking of Sunshine...There must be a Hawaiian Luau planned...Sunny is shaking those hips like a Hula Dancer...

As you can see...there is much rejoicing in FunTown. We are ready to pack away our turtleneck sweaters and buy a new bottle of sunscreen. I hope that we don't get grass stains on our new Spring fashions.

So...enjoy your visit to Earth Angels...There is so much to see on Jen's web site. You might want to brew a cup of tea and take some time to look at all of the magical artwork.

Have "Spring Fever" fun,   Jody, your friend in FunTown who is waiting to wear her Flip-Flops once again...


  1. Jody, youre a riot! I got a good giggle out of the back up singers for madame Sara Nade! your little elephant sisters are adorable. And I too am dying to wear flip flops and go barefoot once again! its a way off still here in NY. where are you located? Maybe it will arrive sooner for you!
    have a joyful week!

  2. OO.. what a colourfull post.. Yes indeed let spring arrive quickly please!! That little betty Bloomer.., she looks lovely!


  3. what a funn loving group. you live in a very cheery world.. yup, Funtown for sure...

  4. I love your colourful cheerful blog- will certainly be visiting whenever I need any sunshine (I'm based in rainy old England!) Your little elephant is absolutely adorable!


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