Mar 5, 2012

Getting This Show on the Road...

Hello...We are bustling about here in it is  getting closer to"Showtime." We are preparing to fly out to California for our Trunk Show..."A Gathering of Friends"...

You are all invited to join us on ......March 17th  10:00 A.M. till 2:00 P.M.
                                                                Mill Creek Restaurant
                                                                 103 Lincoln Avenue
                                                                      Corona, CA
                                                                91 FWY-Lincoln Exit

For more information please contact me...Jody Battaglia
                                                         e-mail...Jody Battaglia
                                                          phone me at 770-993-0734

The friends are Pat Murphy...Leslie McCabe...Allen Cunningham...Paul Gordon...and Me. Please come by...we will have lots of silly fun...

I am having lots of fun...I love little I built this out of wool felt. Maybe I should have used bricks...just in case the Big Bad Wolf comes and "Huffs and Puffs" to try to blow this house down. I will make sure that I lock the doors.

I had so much fun with the white I built a smaller one, also.

We are also having teacup fun.

This is little Miss Powder Pink...She heard me mention Hollywood...and she grabbed her pocketbook and is waiting by the suitcase...she wants to be discovered by a Handsome Movie Mogul.

Have "silly California" fun,   Jody


  1. I love houses and yours are wonderful.
    Love them.


  2. Lovely felt houses! Have a great time in CA.

  3. Have a great time in California Jody!!! Your toys are soooo cute!

  4. Your little friends are very cute. I love the wee houses too:)

  5. always something bright and cheerful going on here. Have fun in CA! A little too far for me to go, but I bet it'll be beautiful there! Maybe I'll make to the country living fair in Ohio this year. I went two years ago and talked with you there while I oogled your sweet art work. The earth angels tent was the best part of the fair!
    have fun!

  6. Have a good time in California!!! I am sure they will love youre little friends...
    What a details you put on to the little houses..., i love them...!


  7. Hi Jody,

    As usual, your post serves to bring a smile to my lips. Your creations are equivalent to all the joy I feel in my inner, child, heart. Best of luck at the show.

    Love ya'

  8. Hi, Jody, Yesterday I reread your article in Where Women Create and grinned the rest of the day (Trudy and Judy Doodley-Do!. Had to look up your blog and I'm so glad I did. It's just like a visit back to my childhood. Blessings, Diane


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