Feb 20, 2012

Come on Over to my House and Play...

Hello....Would you like to come to play with me in my toy room? It is a quiet day here...so I thought ...why not show you some of my toys. The above... "Tooter" is from Enid Blyton's Noddy Books.

As you may have guessed...I love teddy bears. Actually, I can't imagine anyone who doesn't love teddy bears. This is Billy Buttons with his loyal dog, Sparky...Little Bon-Bon... and Muriel with her puppy Fido.

My toys are always scurrying about...You know the saying...Places to go and People to see...!

Yes...we sometimes have traffic problems. I am considering Stop Signs if this gets out of control.

Just like in your home...Everyone always gathers in the kitchen..."Snack" is a verb here.

We do have a library...as we love storybooks...especially the ones with lots of colorful picture pages.

Pets of all kinds are welcome here...we love our loyal and fuzzy companions. Oh, we love pets without fur also...oops...I don't want to offend the fishes...and the birds...and others that I can't think of right now. Not dinosaurs...no...they would be too scary...no one would sleep at night.

My little fellows are very generous and kind. The cart rides are complimentary. So hop on board and enjoy the view.

There is Wall-to-Wall fun here...Oops...It appears as though I might have some bare space...I will have to remedy that right away.

I think Jolly Boy is on the way to get an ice cream cone. They never rest. I often hear them dancing about in the night-time...Especially on Saturday Nights. They do love parties...who doesn't?...party treats, snappy dance music and party hats!

I will share more snapshots of my playhouse in the future. I need to get to my sewing room and have some stitching fun.

Have silly "Time to make the Doughnuts" fun,    Jody, your not-so-grown-up friend in FunTown



  1. Ooh, what a gorgeous collection of lovelies you have partying there!

  2. So nice to see so many beautiful foto's of youre collection ! Thank you for sharing them.. can't wait to see youre next foto's....!!


  3. what a fun bunch of toys you have. I had to laugh at your "bare spot" on the wall. when I used to "really collect" teddy bears, I used to say, "oh theres a bear spot... " and then I'd have to fill that spot with bears! I still have a ton of bears, but Im not as obsesseds with them as I used to be! Glad to be bloggy friends! have a great week.

  4. I wanna come and play in funtown today..

  5. I had fun coming over to play. Thanks for the invitation! I love vintage teddy bears and illustrated story books too! Your mini kitchen has me a little green with envy. ;-) Very fun! :-) Jennifer

  6. Oh my God Jody your toy collection is just to die for!!!!! I would kill for some of those lovelies! I have just started to do some little paintings of some of my collection of toys (have a look on my FB) and now I just want to have some of yours to paint, do you sell any vintage toys? Also I am delighted to see that Upper Sandusky (my fave Cary and Doris film) really exists! XX

  7. I do want to come over and play! It looks fun. That kitchen scene is a Hoot! My fav

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