Sep 13, 2014

Ahhh...It is Sweater Time

It is that time of year...Put away the flip-flops and bring out the turtleneck sweaters. Just think that while we do this the pumpkins are busy getting bigger every day.

The squirrels are out there in gathering their nuts. Sadly, they gather our bird seed as well.

The owls are preparing for the longer nights...

It is time to celebrate the harvest. This is Tutti and Fruity...a happy PAIR...

Every one is scurrying about as soon it will be October and these two will love all of the attention that comes their way.

In FunTown the Fashionistas are shopping for their Harvest Moon Ball Gowns. Yes, it seems a tad early to me too...but it is important to look their best. This way you get more dance partners.

Yes...everyone seems so busy...including me...I am readying for this great show.... The Ghoultide Gathering Show. I highly reccomend this show. So why don't you join us. The artists aren't only talented...they are lots of fun. Plus...they give you candy...How great is that?

This is Sunshines Nellie...a proud citizen of FunTown. She is smiling because they days are getting shorter...this is good for her. Now she can catch up on her T.V. shows.

Have silly sweater fun...Jody

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