Feb 8, 2014

I Am Still Here...

Hello...My sincere apologies for abandoning my blog. I have many excuses in my pockets...but let's not get me started. I have spent so much time on my book...so I thought I would share a few peeks into the windows of FunTown. Let me introduce you to "Little Lucy Gumdrop," the great-great granddaughter of the late "Morris Gumdrop," the founder of the Goody-Goody Gumdrop Candy Company in FunTown.

This is "Miss Ginny McFinny" and her little dog "Pip-Squeak." These two are the special tourists that visit FunTown.

Upon entering Silly Street, the main thoroughfare in FunTown, Ginny and her tour guide Hoppy-Go-Lucky read this sign. It reads....NO MEANIES....NO GRUMPIES...NO STINGIES. I guess this is why FunTown is so much fun.

This is SunShines Nellie, a little ray of sunshine. She has the most bountiful garden this side of Lake Johnny-Cake.

"Darnell Tootin" and the Rootin-Tootin Rhythm Boys, FunTown's famous swing band, The Funnies love to dance so these fellows are very popular.

Should you decide to vacation there this year...here is a handy road map. In case you lose your way...don't worry as anyone in FunTown will guide you on your way. The weather is lovely all year long.

I am so close to tying up the loose ends...so now you can see what I have been doing.

Have silly "We all need a Vacation: fun,.....Jody


  1. Hi Jody,

    I'm so excited for you and your book......I know it's going to be fantastic. I always keep track of your blog and I'm looking forward to anything you make......it's all magical.


  2. O.K. Now I know you are working on your book. Will be looking forward to it! Marlynne Snare Folk Artist.


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