Dec 6, 2013

Here I Am Again...

Hello...Did you think that I forgot about you all. No, I have been working very hard but I haven't had a lot to share. I went to New York to see my sons and my daughter-in-law. They arranged a meeting with a talented  artist that is going to help me with my book project. I am so excited. After the holidays we are going finally get this show on the road. I also sent  boxes to England and Japan. Okay, enough about me...I just returned from the Post Office. I sent a box to Jen O'Connor at Earth Angels. Above is Elmo Snow, an exclusive for Jen.

This is "Bob HumBug" he was a challenge as all of my pieces are smiling. This little fellow will get happy by Christmas but he is overwhelmed right now...As I am.

This silly little elf, "Tommy Twinkle", has been busy helping to prepare for the holidays. He is looking forward to his arms and legs are made of wooden beads and he needs to sit in his Lazy Boy recliner and relax.

This is "Cupcake Cutie", she loves the holiday festivities because they serve sugary tasty treats at all of the get-togethers.

"Captain Jolly" is fueling up to prepare for his upcoming travels. He is hoping for good visibility and starry skies on Christmas Eve.

All of the above are on their way to Earth Angels. Off I go as I have several more orders to complete.

Have silly "Dreaming of Sugar Plums" fun,


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