Sep 26, 2013

A Trick-or-Treating We Will Go...

Hello...It is my pleasure to introduce you to "Bobby Bones"...He and his buddies on Spooky Hollow Lane are getting ready for Halloween. His Mother made him this spiffy costume for the big night. He chose a skeleton costume because he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. Let's hope that he  does his homework.

This is his next door neighbor "Count Danny"...He wanted to be Count Dracula...He likes vampires because he has an older sister that talks about them all of the time and he likes to scare the little girls in the neighborhood.

The last buddy is "Captain Billy Blood"...He has dreamed of being a pirate since his family had a family vacation in DisneyWorld. He is happy with his costume but he has been pouting because his Mother wouldn't get him a shiny dagger. She is a wise woman...What if he started to run and fell on the sidewalk...Ouch!

So, these little buddies and I are getting on a jet plane tomorrow to go to the Ghoultide Gathering Show. they are all dressed up and ready to get their loot bags full of tasty candy. I, on the other hand am not ready. So many last minute things to do.

So I will bid you a farewell for now. I will share snapshots of the big weekend upon my return. Why don't you you join all of us?

Have silly "Fun-Sized Milky Way" fun,   Jody


  1. I love Bobby Bones, why else would you dress as a skeleton?

  2. I'm sure you've already sold everything you took talented lady. Halloween is great fun, but it's not my favorite time of the year. Christmas is my holiday......just love it. Stop by when you get a chance to see what I've just finished.



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