May 30, 2012


Hello...First, I should start my story by telling you that I have been asked to come to Japan for a signing this  July . Once again...I am honored and thrilled to be going back. They have requested some special editions...which I always do. One of the suggestions was to make a "dinosaur" first I thought..."No Way"...then I started to think..."How on earth would you make a dinosaur?" I like I started to think about it ...How did I do?

Little Tommy Rex is wired and poseable. I don't make menacing Tommy is very don't be afraid.

Since I am writing today about challenges...I started to think about my Pinocchio. In 2005 I was approached to design and make a special edition for Disney Japan. I could make whatever Disney character I chose...Well...I was quite honored to be asked but I was so nervous because I had to submit it to a Disney jurying committee.  Since my favorite saying is "If you aim at hit your target every time"...I tried my best.

The next year I was once again asked to contribute to the Disney Japan Convention...Jiminy favorite Disney character...seemed an obvious choice. Yet another design challenge.

The third time I decided to make Donald Duck...but I wanted to make the 1930's version, You can't tell from this photo that he has a wobbly bottom because I wanted him to have those shaky hips...after several attempts I felt that I had done him justice. I am sharing this today as a reminder that it does a heart good to step out of your comfortable box every once in a while. I will sign off before I break into song!

Have silly "Always let your conscience be your guide" fun,   Jody


  1. I love them ALL, Jody! Each one is just so full of joyfulness! I particularly love your Pinocchio & vintage-style Donald Duck--perfection! I'm pretty sure the Disney committee will be thrilled with your work!

    What fun to be invited to Japan.....!


  2. You did a great job on Tommy they'll love him! I love all your Disney pieces too! :0)

  3. By Jiminey, I think you've done it!! Please dont frown at me when I dont follow suit!!!

  4. All of your creations are just plain darling... YOu should never worry about whether someone will like them or not.. they will always love them!
    happy weekend!

  5. Jody,
    Tommy Rex has to be the sweetist dinosaur I have ever seen! Noooo I am not scared!
    Love love love you're Pinocchio! Wish i was going with you!
    Could you make a Winnie The Pooh? He and Pinocchio are my favorite!

    1. Thank you Tammy...I love Winnie the Pooh also...I have never made yet...Jody

  6. All of your creations are just so adorable and fun. What an honor it must be invited back to Japan but also to do Disney characters with your spin on them! I really like your Donald Duck - he looks vintage. You did great on Tommy! Have a great day

  7. Hey there....I don't know where I have been, but not around the old blog world...Pinterest is my new interest. Just posted your pink Patty-Cake. Cutest thing I have ever seen!

  8. El pequeño y festivo dinosaurio... es divertidísimo!!!
    Haces muñecos preciosísimos, tienen personalidad propia.
    Espero seguirte y ver tus novedades pronto!!

  9. Once again, you've out done yourself with these utterly sweet characters!
    Little Tommy Rex will surely delight all of your Japanese fans.


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