Jun 20, 2011

The Party's Over....

Hello Again...After a "chock-full-o-fun" ten days, I have returned to FunTown. The days zoomed by at warp speed...I guess that's what happens when you are surrounded by dear friends, daily adventures and gales of laughter. As you can surmise from the above photo...I heart Cape Cod. Would you like to see Leslie's Cape?

As you round the corner...can you hear me ooh and ahh?

This is the "House that Jack Built" not literally, but Leslie, Jack and Homer call it home. As the days progressed Leslie was a tad nervous, as I was getting a little too familiar, as I referred to it as my home also.
Take note for future house guest etiquette...that suitcase in the bedroom has a time limit.

I will start at the beginning...Here is Leslie, our generous hostess getting the first morning off with a firecracker...note the freshly picked peonies and don't ignore the tasty muffins. It will become crystal clear to you why she had to pry my greedy little hands off the door frame when the time had come to depart.

We not only laugh and shop...we also prepare a dandy art project to share with each other.  I decided to have us "paint with colorful paper" this is a snappy way of saying " cut and paste"...as you will see in the coming days my students made me proud. Above is Pat Murphy  and Leslie McCabe...Homer, Leslie's fuzzy companion is bored to tears snuggled up under Leslie's cute little shoes.

Dancing fingers!

I wonder what she is pondering? Maybe..."Why the heck am I cutting out paper when we could be antiquing?"

I am signing off for today...as I don't want you to lose interest. I made good use of my new snapshooter and I have lots of photos to sort through. Stay tuned...as the other guests have not yet arrived and there are lots of tales to tell.

Have silly pink lemonade fun,   Jody, the grateful house guest

P.S. Leslie didn't offer me the key to the front door...should I be offended?  Hmmm...


  1. Oh what a house. Leslie and Pat are as beautiful as ever. Where o where is Jody??

  2. What a creative bunch. Since you did not get a front door key, it only means that the backdoor will always be ajar for you. Loving the lobster!

  3. Leslie should leave a few spots open for us collectors to come and have happy craft time (Leslie should charge a fee of course). :0)


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