Jun 23, 2011

"The Leslie's Crown Affair"

Hello...You haven't heard the last of our adventures. Okay, like I said earlier...we started with my silly paper project.

We did some shopping...note that Pat and I got some new spectacles. They are readers that we are going to replace the lenses with our prescriptions. We were pleased as punch with ourselves.

Leslie pulled out her crown...now you must know that we did not know that Leslie was an Empress. As it turned out...this was her project for us. This turned out to be a royal task as she had set the bar very high...

The Empress pulled out the stops...she shared her bounty with us and we were off to the races....easier said than done.

Our happy friend Rosanne Migliorino arrived at this point...her late arrival was due to her important job obligations. Poor Rosanne probably thought that she could relax and put her feet up...Nope, Leslie pulled out a chair and handed her a pair of scissors. Not only is she a successful executive...she a a dandy little artist.

Leslie's "Ode to Mother Nature!" Maybe she really is an Empress...

Pat Murphy's  regal nod to America and Man's Best Friend. Her buddy Oscar...

Rosanne's very lady-like head-dress...this photo was taken before she embellished it with ribbon and shells.

My crown...Can you see how diverse our finished products were? We all sat at the same table with the same resources and yet each one was unique.

Off I go... as there are still more memories in my back pocket to share with you. So until next time.

Have silly "to be continued" fun,   Jody, the Cape Cod Princess-in-Waiting


  1. Wooza! You all look so royal and the crowns are fit for queens.
    So happy you had big girl,silly fun friendship.
    Your lady in waiting...

  2. Jody, there you are!
    I LOVE your outfit.
    Hi Ro!

  3. I love the swim cap on the little chick! What a beach Q-T! And big girl fun is just the best (anytime, but especially, it seems, in the summertime!)

  4. I do hope that you're wearing your cown whilest preparing for your big overseas adventure..we did have a splendid timenow, didnt we...


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