May 7, 2015

Vacation Plans...

Hello...Oh my...Whilst looking at my calendar I see that it is May...Just days away from summer...Summertime means bikinis...A scary notion these days.

Summer also means planning vacations...Going to the sea-side is always on the schedule. Saltwater Taffy is a necessity for all of us in FunTown. It is also important to use a quick mode of transportation as there is much traffic en route.

Fun friends should be included...It is a good thing to surround yourself with happy revelers.

Carpooling is wise...All of us in FunTown are responsible conservationists.

Traveling by rail is convenient...Sometimes you meet new traveling companions.

My goodness...We will have to rent a large beach house as our numbers are increasing. This is also a good thing as there will be many dancing partners at our parties.

I am longing for ocean breezes, long walks along the sand, the sound of flip-flops, sand castles, frosty pink lemonade, relaxing on a colorful beach towel...Oh I could ramble on forever as I dream about summer. I need to mention that my favorite thing is going to the ice cream stand...MMmm...Ice cream always tastes better when you have sand between your toes.

Have silly sea-side dreaming fun....Jody

1 comment:

  1. sweet post! I cant wait for sandy sunny breezy beachy days!
    have a great weekend!


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