Feb 2, 2015

Once Upon a Time...

Hello...I realize that over  the last few months I have shared photos from my storybook...but I haven't shared the story with you. If you want to visit the shop...click here...

Let us begin at the beginning,

Allow me to introduce you to Ginny McFinny and her trusty little sidekick, "Pip-Squeak." The story begins when she discovers that the Goody-Goody Gumdrop Candy Company advertised that they were sponsoring a candy-selling contest with the Grand Prize being an all-expense paid trip to FunTown, a place that Ginny had dreamed of all of her life.

So she and Pip-Squeak went door to door in her hometown selling the tasty Goody-Goody Gumdrops...she was very successful as she is charming and quite determined to win.

Hip-Hip Hooray! She was the winner. A lovely little fellow named Hoppy-Go-Lucky escorted her on her journey.

Hoppy was a charming tour guide...I got to make friends with all of the fine citizens of FunTown.

Here is the cliff-hanger...To Be Continued...

Have silly curious fun....Jody, the teaser

1 comment:

  1. Because all of your characters are so charming.. and you are so creative, its obvious that your book must be delightful! Im going to have to have a copy at some point to share with all of my little grandpies! (really for myself.. but I can use the babies as an excuse to buy lots of cute stuff! LOL!)
    have a great day


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