Mar 17, 2014

It's Show Time...

Hello...The countdown has begun. Our trunk show "A Gathering of Friends" is this Saturday March 22nd from 10:00 -2:00 at the Ayres Hotel and Suites at 325 Bristol Street in Costa Mesa, CA. When I say "Our" I am referring to my two good friends...

Paul Gordon, a famous folk artist from Martinsburg, WV. He paints, sculpts and designs magnificent costumes for his figures with beautiful antique fabric and trims. He has been featured in many magazines over the years and he has even been featured on television. Plus, he is a charming fellow with twinkling eyes.

The other equally famous artist, Allen Cunningham will be there to share his many charming one-of-a-kind sculptures. He has a sparky imagination that is inspired by old toys and books. He sculpts his characters and dresses them in fashion created by him. He also has been featured in magazines and television. He is a kind and charming talented fellow. Lucky me to have such famous friends.

Speaking of friends...I am sad to say that Pat Murphy will not be exhibiting this year as she has moved to Minneapolis and has yet to set up her studio...but she promises to join next year.

This trunk show is an event that I am so proud to be a part of. It truly is a Gathering of Friends...The people that attend have been my friends and have supported me for many years. Paul and Allen have fans of theirs flying in for an opportunity to view their artwork. So, why don't you join us? We love to make new friends.

Hula-LuLu is shaking off those cupcake calories in preparation for bikini time in California.

Have silly "We all need a fun weekend" fun,   Jody

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