Jun 13, 2013

Welcome to FunTown

Hello...At long last I have finally put together my web site. It was so frustrating not knowing how to manage it...but with my hearty thanks to my Apple teacher Katie Evans I have a new site that I can update myself. Thank you Katie!   Welcome to FunTown

"Billy Bumbly-Bug" is proud to be in the Toy Shop. My goal with my site is to make it a friendly place to visit. I feel so frustrated when I go to sites with all of the pieces marked Sold. So, I am going to post new toys on a regular basis...If something is gone...just ask me and I can make you something similar.

This is "Little Jolly" stepping out of his own little book.

This is "Miss Tizzie-Thee"...a loyal little American who is counting the days until the 4th of July. She gets the honor of riding in the first convertible in the "Doodle-Dandy Parade" in Funtown. She loves apple pie ala-mode, watermelon slices and sparky fireworks.

This is a display board made on a wooden board embellished with paper and wool felt. It is a fun way to display my toys. this is what the backyards in FunTown look like. Ahh...the smell of freshly laundered party outfits that have dried in the gentle breezes.

I am in the process of putting a book together about FunTown and all of the little "Funnies" that reside there. "The Bloomers" a lovely little floral family that lives in a big green house on Garden Avenue are featured...the children...Rosey, Flora, Oopsy-Daisy, Petunia, Bud and of course "Mum and "Poppy." This is "Mum."

The above snapshots are my toys that are featured in the Toy Shop. Please visit often...as this will make the Tourism Committee very happy.

Have silly "shiny new home" fun,    Jody


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    1. Thank You...It is fun to have a new toy to play with...Jody

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  3. I am super happy about this :)
    I am so glad I was able to help you out with your awesome website! :D

  4. Congratulations on the new website...I away to go and visit:)

  5. I'm so happy for you! I went to it and it was easy to get around and see everything! Nice and bright and colorful....oh and FUN!

  6. Dear Jody thanks for being a follower, I hope you can inspired from my hundred of vintage children digis,,,,,and collage sheets,,,so feel free to choose your favorite two products from all my stuf for free, let me know my friend.....

  7. Oh Jody, your new site is gorgeous, so dang happy and bright. It was very easy to use and I'll be coming back regularly. Congratulations and best of luck with all your endeavors.


  8. OH - MY - WORD!!!! I just visited your new website and it is "the" happiest place on the web! Congratulations Jody and may you enjoy much success! Hugs and Blessings, Nan

  9. Hi Jody!! I have been such a fan of yours for years now.....don't own any of your originals (boo, hiss) but two of my very favorite friends in my hug are a couple of your designs for Boyds Bears. I am very happy to have found your blog and am extremely excited about your shiny new website!! Congrats on this expansion! What a happy place to visit!! I love your work and it is a sure fire cheer-me-up every time!


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