Apr 24, 2013

Show and Tell...

Hello...Today I took some snapshots of my "Loot" from Orange County. Actually, I didn't get the "Ducky Waddles" there but I had been watching this on Etsy and I ordered it upon my return. I have always wanted one and now I can sleep easy. Phew! The little bear is one of mine. He is delighted that he doesn't have to walk everywhere now as his little paws are sore.

I got this little spitfire at the Rose Bowl Swap Meet...There she lay in a Ziploc bag and her head was no longer attached. All it took was a little glue and she is now standing tall once again. Sadly, her arms are no longer strung together. This is sad because she now has to retire from the rodeo where she entertained the crowds with her sharp-shooting skills. Worse than that is...now while dancing the Hokey-Pokey...she can't put her left hand in...so she does high kicks when it comes to the "Shake it all About."

 This little bear has a squeaker...and it still works. He looks as if he suffers from indigestion. So he is hitching a ride on my new truck. I am going through a boy-toy phase. I think it is because the little boys got wheels to have adventures with and we got toy stoves and grocery carts. I think it is time for me to have adventures, also.

This is my treasure...I got this the first day at "Down Home" my favorite antique store in Orange. When my good buddy Pat Murphy passed on it...I scooped it up. I love everything about it. Look at those colors. The "new" bear...well, old bear, but new to me...I got from my good friend Lori Martin, an antique dealer. I named him "Little Pinny" as his legs are attached with safety pins. So, he needs to sit as he can't get around much anymore.

The little fellow on the left is a horn...Pat brought some fun old stuff to sell so this little egg came home with me. The fellow on the right is a generous gift from my good friend, Jami Santos. Oh my, they have a bad case of sunburn...a cautionary tale..."don't forget your sunscreen."

This well-dressed couple was on Pat's table. It is a wise thing to have good friends with good taste. She looks a tad bit surprised that she now lives in FunTown. Thank you Curly!

I love this little toy milk wagon...I purchased it from my good friend Dana...once again, it's the good taste thing. The bunny was from Pat's last web update so she delivered him to me personally. The tall and proud wooden soldier is a wonderful addition to my collection. He is the tallest...so he is now the Captain.

I am going to toot my own horn here. I will preface this paragraph with a little history. When I antique with my friends...all of whom have discerning taste...I know that they humor me with my small potatoes purchases. We never arm wrestle over my choices. Luckily for me, I like goofy well-loved and often broken toys. So, to the point...I got this roly-poly at the last store we went to in Pasadena. It was a tiny little store owned by an elder doll and toy dealer.  Suddenly, I heard this little squeaky voice whispering  "Look at me"...After she took him out his case I noticed that everyone was impressed. In fact, I do think that they were envious. A first!

Gosh, I spent so much money...I have to get back to my sewing room...Pronto!

Have silly "Stimulating the Economy" fun,   Jody, the consumer


  1. Oh my goodness . . . you had fun!!!
    Great finds.
    Connie :)

  2. Hello Connie...Yes I did have fun. thank goodness I don't go shopping often. I am grounded for a while...Jody

  3. What lovely loot! Thank you so much for sharing what you bought. I am often drawn to these worn out, well loved toys and often feel that old bossy judgement hand on my shoulder telling me it's silly to buy an old worn out toy (well, it's actually my husband saying "Why are you buying that old thing?"). Now, I will feel guilt no more! I will just say "Jody told me to buy it!". He can't argue with that :) Anyway, so glad that you love old toys too! The way you display them is adorable. Happy old toy hunting, Holly

  4. Hello Holly...I never shop with my husband...when I happen to find something in his presence...He mumbles "More Junk"...I think they should just be happy that we aren't dug addicts...Jody

  5. What wonderful finds! I have to get down to the States if I ever want to add to my toy collection because we don't have anything like that up here! I especially love Little Pinny in that fabulous rocker!

  6. I love seeing your inspirational purchases and collections as I do this too! Sometimes it feels like an addiction and I don't even want to think about the money I have spent over the years - yikes, so I try to make sure I balance it out as much as possible with sales in my Etsy shop. They don't seem to line up as much as needed :) So fun that you go shopping with Pat. I worked in an antique shop years ago and she was one of my favorite customers. I am still toying with the idea of starting a blog as well to share my finds and displayed collections. Keep sharing your discoveries - I love it! Amber


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