Feb 10, 2013

Have Happy Hearts...

Hello...Today I am going to remember the shiny happy memories of the Valentine's Days of my childhood.    Remember the excitement of bringing home your handmade Valentine shoebox...you know doilies, red and pink construction paper hearts and globs of dried paste...your name written with crayons.

As a child I didn't receive mail... to have a whole box full, with my name on the envelopes was sheer delight.

I remember going shopping for packets of Valentines with my Mother...They had to be chosen by me...after all these were my friends and classmates.

I can see me sitting at the dining room table...choosing just the appropriate ones for each friend.

The boys cards were chosen carefully...I did not want to send the wrong message.

Signing our names in pencil...Making sure to say "From, Jody" instead of "Love, Jody"...

Returning home after the party at school...Hawaiian Punch and cupcakes...Sitting on the floor with my very own mailbox... A special day indeed.

I hope that we all receive well-chosen Valentines this year so we can remember the child within all of us.

Have silly "tasty chocolate candy" fun,   "Love, Jody"


  1. Hi Jody,
    What lovely memories! I too remember matching the Valentine to the classmate. Like you, making sure not to give a boy a mushy one-lol. Love all of your sweet Valentines! Have a Happy and Chocolatey Valentine's Day, Holly

  2. Lovely Valentine's Jody! I grew up in the 90s, so my Valentines are not nearly as unique, but I still have almost every one from grade one to four! Happy Valentine's Day from Teddy Forest!


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