Mar 28, 2012

Whistling Dixie's Grand Opening!

Hello...There is much anticipation in FunTown and the surrounding villages today... because today is the day we have all been waiting for... the Grand Opening of Whistling Dixie's Toy Shop. Dixie has had a store for many years...but...due to popular demand...she is expanding to a larger space. Hip-Hip Hooray!

The Funnies set their alarm clocks early so they could get in line. I hope that they are obeying the speed limit.

Parking spaces may be a problem...but walking is good for us...right?

It seems that many people read the "Hip-Hip Hooray Gazette"...the FunTown Daily newspaper. Dixie took out a full page ad...she could do this because she comes from a very wealthy family.

It stated in the full page ad that there would be refreshments served all day. this is good as we all love tasty party snacks.

Phil Harmonica is getting anxious as his duck is such a waddler and he wants to be first in line.

Here is Whistling Dixie posing for a the newspaper is covering the event. I love the window display. I want one of everything.

The countdown has begun.

Ooh...Dixie is opening up her shiny new door...Uh-Oh...I don't think that Phil Harmonica is here yet.

This little Miss Sourpuss must be from out of town...I heard that she was upset because she arrived later in the day and Dixie had sold out of Yo-Yos. She shouldn't be so upset because there are plenty of cookies and pink lemonade.

She obviously didn't read the big billboard as you enter  FunTown...She might not be welcomed back if she doesn't obey the rules.

I will keep you updated on this momentous day. I can't wait to see what everyone purchased.

Have "Don't you love toys?" fun,    Jody

Mar 24, 2012

A Peek Into Our Show...

Hello...For those of you who could not attend our "Gathering of Friends" Art Show...let's peek at my snapshots. First, the artists...Leslie McCabe, Allen Cunningham, Paul Gordon, Dana Wade (good friend and hostess), Pat Murphy and me. We are all very good friends and have all been doing shows in Southern California for many years. We all have dreamed of having an intimate, friendly and high quality last year we just did it. There is no promoter...we put it together by committee. Dana and her husband Jack offered a banquet room in their beautiful restaurant and Voila..."We did it!"

Here is Leslie's colorful table...

She is a master with textiles...Hooked wool pillows,  Russian Punch Needle framed pieces, ribbon corsages and beautiful beaded jewelry...all of her own design.

You can see more of her work at Earth Angels...

One of the charming fellows created by Pat Murphy...of the famous international Murphy Bears. She is the you can see for yourself.

Her talents are not limited to cute is this?...

Plus she has the cheeriest smile...You can discover more at her web site...

This Paul Gordon's table...No wonder he is so famous. He lives up to his reputation. Sculpting, painting and tailoring...he does it all!

See...isn't he talented? Everything he brought was so charming.

For more Paul...visit him here...

Allen amazing...He is a genius...His attention to detail is awe inspiring. While looking at his will be dumb-struck. Plus, he is delightful.

He covers all he is making special editions of classic book characters and of course his dolls of all sorts.

Find Allen at...his web site...enjoy.

This is my table...

Okay...Now I will show you some more snapshots to show you that we truly are friends.

Leslie and Jack McCabe...

Nancy Michler...good buddy to all...Paul, Leslie and Pat at the Long Beach Swap Meet...

Lots of snapshots...I hope that you picked up on our joy of  our doing this together. For myself, I want to thank them all for making this weekend so memorable. I am sincerely honored to be included in this talented group of artists, friends and loyal collectors. Please join us next year...I promise you will have as much fun as we did.

Have "silly friendly" fun,    Jody

Mar 22, 2012

Handy Tips for Having Silly Fun...

Hello...I am back from my fun weekend playing with my friends...I will post my snapshots from the show next week. I have been having fun playing with my new much so...that I compiled a little booklet.

I am sharing some of my tricks for a happy life...quite presumptuous of me...don't you think?

"Hello There!"

Put your feet up and smile...

You will finish you chores much faster when you are dancing...

Bloom in the Sunshine...this will provide you with strong roots, a colorful complexion and a beautiful appearance...Plus, you will have a lovely scent.

I hope that you enjoyed a sampling of my little booklet...If you are interested in your own copy...they are available for $7.50...that includes postage.  Just contact me....

Have a silly day,    Jody...the know-it-all...

Mar 14, 2012

It's Showtime...


Top of the morning' to ye...My friends and I are going to be at our show in Corona,  CA on St. Patrick's Day. So I will take this opportunity to wish you rainbows and a pot of gold.

Top of the mornin’ to ya…As we count down to St. Patrick’s Day we all are green with envy over our lucky Irish friends. I have three fool-proof tips on how to have a successful holiday and maybe feel a little Irish also.

First…whip up a bowl full of green Jello (yes, you could add fruit and/or tiny marshmallows if you want) your friends and family will be grateful for your thoughtful gesture.

Second…hum “Danny Boy” all day as someone might join in and before you know it you will be engaging in a sing-a-long.

Third…whenever the opportunity presents itself…perform a high stepping Irish Jig. This will insure future invitations to other holiday parties.

This was my post from last St. Patrick's Day...since so many of you didn't know of my old tumblr site, I thought I would revisit the advice is still noteworthy.

Here are a few of the pieces that I will be taking to our "Gathering of Friends Show"..."Inky-Dinky &Doodle"...

The two-steppers are Freddy and Betty...and they are ready to party...California Style. Betty bought a new bikini for our adventure.

"Miss Debbie N. Hare" is all packed and ready to get on the airplane.

"Ida Bea Delighted and Johnny Bee Good" are  buzzing they have never had the pleasure to enjoy some California honey.

"Ally-Oops" is also ready to roll. She loves convertibles and ocean you can see, she is California Dreamin'...

Poor "Violet" thinks she is flying out in First Class...I don't have the heart to tell her just yet...

"Ducky-Bun" is bringing up the rear of our little parade. As a chocolate bunny he is keeping his distance from the it is a dangerous time of year for him.

I guess I should get myself ready for our trip. I do hope that if you live in California...or heck...just get on an airplane and join us...

                                                             "A Gathering of Friends" Art Show
                                                                  March 17th   10:00 till 2:00
                                                                     Mill Creek Restaurant
                                                                      103 Lincoln Avenue
                                                                           Corona, CA
                                                                     91 FWY-Lincoln exit

Have silly 'O' Fun,     Jody


Mar 5, 2012

Getting This Show on the Road...

Hello...We are bustling about here in it is  getting closer to"Showtime." We are preparing to fly out to California for our Trunk Show..."A Gathering of Friends"...

You are all invited to join us on ......March 17th  10:00 A.M. till 2:00 P.M.
                                                                Mill Creek Restaurant
                                                                 103 Lincoln Avenue
                                                                      Corona, CA
                                                                91 FWY-Lincoln Exit

For more information please contact me...Jody Battaglia
                                                         e-mail...Jody Battaglia
                                                          phone me at 770-993-0734

The friends are Pat Murphy...Leslie McCabe...Allen Cunningham...Paul Gordon...and Me. Please come by...we will have lots of silly fun...

I am having lots of fun...I love little I built this out of wool felt. Maybe I should have used bricks...just in case the Big Bad Wolf comes and "Huffs and Puffs" to try to blow this house down. I will make sure that I lock the doors.

I had so much fun with the white I built a smaller one, also.

We are also having teacup fun.

This is little Miss Powder Pink...She heard me mention Hollywood...and she grabbed her pocketbook and is waiting by the suitcase...she wants to be discovered by a Handsome Movie Mogul.

Have "silly California" fun,   Jody
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