Dec 20, 2012


Hello...I know that everyone's  blogs are chock full of holiday happenings...but I am running around trying to finish up all of my Christmas errands. I must say that I am very sympathetic for the elves in the North Pole, working overtime finishing up the last minute details...So now let me explain my post. Some of you may have seen my post from last month where I told you about my Mother Gloria's passing. Yes...I know this isn't very uplifting...but will bear with me.

This is my Mother as a happy little girl. Full of hopes and dreams of a wonderful life...And she did have a wonderful life.

So now to the point of my tale...When my Mother was a little girl her nickname was "Sunny" because of her cheery personality. Let's move forward to the seventies when she and my Father purchased one of those "Herculon" couches...You know the orange, yellow and black plaid modern marvel.  Think owls and macrame... "Better living through chemistry...very polyester and stain resistant."  A miracle of the times. When my Mom moved into her last apartment twelve years ago she brought the sentimental sofa with her. As her children of sophisticated taste...or so we thought... we
were mortified. Shortly after her move my brother Jay offered her a beautiful modern couch as a generous gift to her...yet she refused...much to our dismay. I asked my Mother why?...her reply was that she didn't want to bother anyone with the discomfort of dragging it out. She never wanted to be a bother to anyone...Upon her passing the guys in our family maneuvered the "Sofa" out to the I held open the door...One of the buttons fell to the floor. I quickly grabbed it up...then I proceeded to pull off the remaining buttons off...with hopes of sharing these buttons with my siblings in an ornament to remember her by. As we all had sat on that couch and suffered backaches...but that was okay, as she was such a treasure to visit with. So above is the tribute that I am sharing with Gloria's children...My way of keeping warm, happy family memories alive. I do hope that these ornaments
will be as treasured as the love that we will have in our hearts forever.  Forgive me my sentiments...but isn't that what Christmas is all about?

Have "Warm and Happy Memories" fun,   Joyeux Noel...Jody


  1. What a neat idea.

    Merry Christmas to all the gang in Fun Town.

    Happy Holidays from Len at Happy Holidays. Your posts brighten my day, Thanks!

  2. Wish you a wonderfull christmas.., and I'm sure your mother would be proud, could she see your lovley ornaments to remember her by..!

    Wish you all the best!


  3. What a lovely idea, and they're cute ornaments too!


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