May 26, 2011

Fashion Hints....

As I stare longingly out of my sewing room window today...while listening to the singing birds...I realize that summer is right around the corner. I will have to dig out my white shoes as Memorial Day weekend is upon us...I must remember to do this because the the "Fancy Fashionable" rule book advises me to.
But alas...I am busy making my toys. So I will continue to daydream about a weekend filled with bikinis, hot dogs and colorful marching bands.
As you can see...I am planning an escape in my dandy convertible. Ahhh...the thrill of the wind in your "Hare."

Have a silly "wearing your fancy new white dancing shoes" fun,   Jody, the dancer


  1. Jody, you are a nut ball.

    I am so glad that I discovered your tumbler site and now that you are on Blogger I can make the occasional comment.

    As I mentioned earlier "you are a nut ball". Your blogs make me smile and sometimes laugh. Thanks a lot!

  2. Hello Len...Thank you for smiling and visiting. It is nice to know that someone is out there in outer space.

    Have silly grins fun...Jody

  3. I will say that whenever I come for a visit, I always leave with a smile... even after Oscar eating my fav sweatshirt... I'm assuming there is no rain in your forecast, to wear those white tennies.. You, Ms Jody, have a grand M Day!!

  4. I just read in my personal fashionable rule book I'd best set aside my bikini for a full swim suit, but the white shoes are definately a go.

  5. Hmmmm. I am imagining a middle aged woman in a bikini and puffy white that's a picture. Love reading your fun stories.

  6. Yes, it is wonderful that rummaging is not illegal. I would be put away for life! I just love your little characters. I need a piece of sunshine! Where do I find her?


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