May 22, 2011

I ran away from home today....uh-oh!

Hello....I have many things on my list of things to do...but there was a doll and toy show here in Atlanta. Now this only happens twice a I felt justified. As per my usual, I accumulated a bag-full of silly little favorite kind. It is when I am antiquing that I realize what a weak person I am. Thank goodness my weakness isn't illegal, just impractical. Aren't these fellows charming?
It was my lucky day indeed. Now if I had been with my lucky pal, Pat Murphy we would have had to arm wrestle each other over this old hand game...between the horseshoe and the colors, it would have gotten ugly. So Pat, just remember that you like me. I still hold a friendly little grudge from our Portobello Road escapades in London. So fair is fair!
I also stopped at the Little Quilts Fabric store. I needed a "fix"...yes... another weakness. end my tale, let's point out that my hooky-day was very I have toys to play with and new polka-dots to dance with.

Have silly shopping bag fun,  Jody, the consumer


  1. Don't think I didn't notice those little yellow chicks up there....... love the fabrics!
    polka dots and moonbeams

  2. So happy you ran away and had so much fun! I thought at first you ran away and joined the circus.

  3. Hello both Julie and Heidi...Thank you for noticing my I probably overpaid...yet again. Heidi, geez...the circus sounds like a tantalizing idea. Back to work for me.
    Have sharing your comments fun, Jody


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