May 15, 2011

Our Teddy Bear Picnic

A memo from the land of happy little teddy bears and the friends who love them. I have just returned from the sparky and successful teddy bear show in Philadelphia. A fun time was had by ALL!
Pat Murphy, president of the famous Murphy Bears Company, Me, Theresa Meloon and Holly LeMay...together again and pleased as punch!

If you lived in a land of Teddy Bears and happy would never have to lock your doors....hmmmm....upon greater reflection, you might not want to cool a freshly baked cherry pie on your windowsill. Just a note of caution.
Pat and her fuzzy best friends. Just look at those bears...aren't they a handsome bunch?  Our tables were next to each you can only imagine the hi-jinks and mischief.

Off I go to put the kettle on and put my feet up.

Have silly "hide your cherry pies " fun,



  1. Wow!!! What a Great show and Wonderful Bear friends!!! So happy you are all having a wonderful time there!! Woo hoo!! Theresa and Holly love those bear necklaces and the New Teddy bear!!!
    Jodi and Pat love Your work, Thanks for the pictures Jodi!!

  2. Jody it was so great to see you and Pat!!! I can't tell you how happy I am that Tiddly & Wink were waiting for me. All your creations make me smile... they all have warm hearts and fuzzy smiles. :0)

  3. Hey girls, looking very good! Its Hollywood next!

  4. Hey there cutie pie nice to see you again. Busy as a beaver here in WA, but when I don't have my sewing machine buzzing or my glue gun glueing, I think about our fun times and country living. Hello from bunny land.

  5. Consider when you have your feet up and tea in hand, that there's a mirror there, and I am doing the same...such a grand weekend. It was a great time!~!!!

  6. Oh, that looks like such a fun show, Jody! I hope to do another show someday...if only I could sew faster. :o) So glad to have found your blog; I love your little creations, particularly the teddy bears.

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